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Baby Whoozlefut & the Wuttlebugs is a baby book that appears in "Prisoners of Love." Ice King reads it to the princesses to entertain them, but Lumpy Space Princess says it is lame. The other princesses agree with her when Ice King asks them how they feel about the book.

In "Princess Cookie," Princess Bubblegum reads it to the children at the Candy Orphanage in Princess Cookie's flashback.


The book is light green with yellow lettering for the title. On the cover is a pale humanoid baby with light-colored freckles. It is seen wearing a light blue diaper and jester's hat. Next, to the baby, there are three Wuttlebugs, which look like ladybugs with unicorn horns and lavender undersides. Behind them are a pastel rainbow and some clouds. The back of the book has yellow flowers and a small purple creature.

Original story[]

Patrick McHale wrote a story for the book when "Adventure Time" was just beginning:

Baby Whoozlefut & the Wuttlebugs

Little Baby Whoozlefut loved being silly, so he sat in the mud.

As he sat, he wore a silly hat.

The Wuttlebugs heard him playing and came to have fun.

"We're the Wuttlebugs!" they sang, "And we like to have fun!"

Baby Whoozlefut said, "I'm already having fun, and I have a silly hat too!"

The Wuttlebugs were sad because they wanted silly hats!

"Don't be sad," said Baby Whoozlefut, "You can borrow my hat for the day. But return it to me by tomorrow, or you will be cursed!"

The Wuttlebugs agreed and they put on the hat.

It looked great!

All day, and all night, the Wuttlebugs had fun wearing the silly hat.

But when the morning came, they didn't want to take it off.

"Let's not return the hat!" said the green Wuttlebug.

"But what about the curse?" asked the blue Wuttlebug.

"You're right. We should return the silly hat." said the yellow Wuttlebug.

So the Wuttlebugs returned the hat to Baby Whoozlefut, who was still in the mud.

"We wanted to keep the hat because we love it. But we returned it to you because of the curse," said one of the Wuttlebugs.

"You have learned your lesson, and so you can keep the hat!" said Baby Whoozlefut with joy.

And so the Wuttlebugs thanked Baby Whoozlefut, and wore the silly hat again.

And for the rest of their lives, they had lots of fun.

The end.[1]


  • Ice King misreads the title as "Baby Whatsit & the Bottle Prince."