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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Finn Mertens, also known as Baby Finn is the version of Finn from the Baby World timeline who makes his first appearance in "The Winter King".


He greatly resembles his counterpart when he was an infant. He even has the same hat as him.


He first appears in "The Winter King", when Fionna, Cake, and Simon Petrikov visit his universe. He is seen with Jake as they play with Cake who soon brought them over to her friends. Baby Finn got a hold of a rattle and hit Baby Cinnamon Bun in the head, causing him to cry. After Simon reassured Fionna that they will find a magic crown that will restore his powers as Ice King, he gave Fionna a fist bump and Baby Finn happily joined in on their fist bump.

He later appears in "The Star" when it is revealed he tagged along in the trip by hiding in Fionna's backpack and comes out when hearing of food. His presence caused Bonnibel to criticize Fionna's group for bringing an infant to dangerous place. He is initially cared for by the alternate Martin Mertens, and after Martin's death, he is then cared for by Simon Petrikov, but at the end of the episode, he is left in the Peppermint Tank and seemingly cared for by the Tank’s AI computer.

He was brought by Prismo to Fionna-world for aiding Fiona to fight the Scarab. He presumably settled in the dimension, once it was authorized and was seen riding on the Peppermint tank.


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