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Baby Eating Fox and the Babies is introduced as Jake's favorite book in "Jake the Dad." After reading up to the sixth page, Jake begins to realize how morbid the book really is. He asks Mom's manual whether the book is appropriate for babies, to which Margaret replies, "Get that book out of here!" Taking her advice, he throws it out the window. Mr. Fox picks it up and shows it to the other foxes, who later mistake Jake for a baby and start eating him until his children intervene.


There once was five little babies who were very cute and very chubby.
One day, they met a fox.
“I’m so hungry that there
must be something
wrong with
my stomach,” said the baby
eating fox.
"Will one of you babies be so kind as to look inside my belly and see what’s wrong?"
“We all will!” said the babies who were as helpful as they were chubby.

Only part of page 7 is readable, it seems to say this:

The Fox's Wet Gullet (unreadable) eaver teeth (unreadable) splashing acids (unreadable) juicy and delicious (unreadable) w" baby suggested.


The cover of the book portrays five naked babies and a fox wearing a blue suit, red gloves, and a blue hat with a yellow feather. On the back are a dog, a bee, a pink shirt with a surprised face, a cat with a fishtail, two conjoined ants, a sandwich with limbs and a face, a blue mouse, a green balloon with a face, and a green duck with red horns, along with some small flowers and butterflies. The book's spine is decorated with smiley faces, hearts, and little two-leaved plants. On the inside cover page are stickers of an angry mushroom, a rainbow, and a star.


  • The seventh page, which is only partially visible, contains the words "wet gullet," "cleaver-teeth," "splashing acids," and "digested," and a later page depicts the fox with a bloated belly.

Cultural references

  • The story is somewhat like "The Gingerbread Man." The gingerbread man is riding a fox across a river and the fox tells him to jump on his nose to stay dry. When he goes to jump, the fox opens wide and eats him.
  • The book looks similar in appearance to a Little Golden Book, which is a series of books for kids involving basic plot lines and sentences. Little Golden Books also have a golden spine and inside the book, it has a small section where the owner can write his/her name.