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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "BMO Lost" from season 5, which aired on April 15, 2013.

Tree Fort
Mountain w/ nest
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[Bugs, worms, and mollusk are having a dance party. They are being spied on from above by BMO who is looking through telescope on the observation boat.]
BMO: [Laughs] Dancing is cool! Check it out, yo! [preforms the "arm wave"] Aaa! Ha haa! This one is called "The Worm"! [Flops on its belly. Suddenly a giant purple bird swoops in and picks up BMO.] Aaaaah!!
[The Giant purple bird takes BMO to its nest where loudly chirping chicks await. The bird heaves until BMO (who is screaming) is dropped into the open beak of a chick. BMO forces its way out only to be pushed repeatedly down by the bird until it appears to be swallowed. Afterward the bird flops over the nest and sleeps.]
[When morning arrives, BMO opens the mouth of the baby chick and climbs out. It runs to the edge of the nest to see the Tree Fort from a distance.]
BMO: Oh no, it's crazy far. [It looks back to see the Giant bird still asleep and then escapes by climbing over the side to the edge of the cliff.] Okay, now easy does it. Easy...easy..."
[Suddenly popping out from beneath the nest...]
A worm: Hey man it’s safe in here!! You can hide in here!! [This causes BMO to tumble off the edge] Oh, shoot man, uh ooh.
BMO: Eeeeeh! [Tumbles down a dirty hill side until it hits a rock and lands on its face. A loud crack is heard as BMO is face downward. It sits up and notices that its face plate has been cracked down the middle] Ooo... oh no! My face! Finn! Jake! Kiss my face! [Looks around] Hmmm... [Falls on its side] so, this is the pits.
[A bubble appears from an empty cup.]
Bubble: I hear that, friend. Do you mind if I wallow with you a bit? I'm a bubble.
BMO: Okay, nothing stopping a bubble. [Shrugs]
Bubble: [Sighs] That's what they say. [rests on a small mound] Looks like you've given up on things. I'm thinking about giving up on things myself. I've been lost in this wilderness a long time. Maybe you and me can wait here, to get eaten by a carnivore!
BMO: No, Bubble. I know two heroes who can help you!
Bubble: You do?
BMO: Yes! Help me get to my home, and, and we will help you find your home!
Bubble: Your friends sound great!
BMO: [Trying to climb over a rock and a branch] They are! They are huge!
Bubble: Well then, what are we waiting for?
BMO: Nothing!! [Waves its arms excitedly]
[A snake slithers by as BMO and Bubble walk through the forest.]
Bubble: Hey, so tell me about your home, BMO.
BMO: I live in a tree house [trips and stumbles] it's really funny.
Bubble: Cool.
BMO: Yeah! [trips and stumbles again] What about your home?
Bubble: My home? I think that my home is very large and very beautiful. But I can't pin down these memories it... haunts me. [Turns back to see BMO has tripped and fell on its face.]
BMO: Oops, I wasn't listening to your story.
[They enter a clearing full of mushrooms and a loud bang is heard.]
Bubble: What was that?
BMO: It's a carnivore waiting to eat us.
Bubble: Nooo! [hides behind BMO.]
BMO: Don't worry Bubble, [picks up a mushroom] I got everything under control. [Walking in the direction of the sound, BMO tosses the mushroom at the supposed carnivore] [When BMO gets a good look at what it is, it gasps loudly] It's a baby! [Runs over to hug it.]
Baby: [Gurgles and squeals at BMO.]
Bubble: [Comes out of hiding] What's a baby doing in the wilderness?
BMO: He must be lost like us! We should take him with us. Maybe we can help him find his home, too. What a handsome baby. [looks at the baby's left hand, which is flipper-like and covers it with a leaf] Handsome baby.
[It is now nighttime as BMO drags the baby by the arm through the forest with Bubble still following.]
BMO: Bubble, what do you think our baby's name is?
Bubble: How about "Sparkle"?
BMO: No, I think he looks like a "Ricky."
Bubble: Hmmm.
BMO: Oo, Bubble! Ricky! Look! [It drops the baby's hand to see a rickety bridge and a long drop to a river] I have a bad news: the bridge doesn't have guard rails.
Bubble: I don't think we should cross it then.
[Loud howling and cawing comes from the forest. BMO and Bubble both turn towards the noises.]
BMO: I don't think we have any choice! I really sure there really is a carnivore this time! [turns towards the baby who gets up] Ricky, you should go first.
Baby: [Gurgles]
BMO: [Pulls the baby close] You are so beautiful... and I love you. Go Ricky! [BMO gives it a pat on the bottom, sending him forward.]
Baby: [Crawls to the middle of the bridge]
BMO: Okay, Ricky, slow and steady, [The baby crawls to the side of the bridge.] Ricky...Ricky?
BMO & Bubble: Ricky! Sparkle! [The baby tumbles over the bridge's side.]
BMO: [Runs to the area the baby fell] Bravery! [and dives after him] Oh nooo-o-o-o!
Baby: [Gurgles and floats on its back down the river]
BMO: [Emerges from the water and climbs on his head] One second, sweetie! Hmm, a deadly water fall!
Bubble: BMO?
BMO: Bubble, you have to save our lives!
Bubble: Eeeeh... maybe I can, hold out this leaf. [Pushes tiny leaf down.]
[The leaf hits a stick which hits a glass bottle which hits a rock that knocks over a tall stump with a bird on it. The stump causes an antlered skull to hit a trunk balanced on another like a see-saw, that launches a bee hive that has enough moment to hit a large boulder that is next to a skeleton dressed in hunting gear, smashing it and firing a gun shot that hits a standing tree trunk and falls into the river next to the waterfall that BMO and the Baby are heading down.]
BMO: Thank you Bubble! I think my batteries are wet. [opens hatch bottom and batteries drop out] Good-bye [Falls over]
[Morning comes and BMO is dry.]
Baby: [Gurgles and picks up the batteries and places them back into BMO's compartment]
BMO: [Turns on] Oooo, good morning everyone, I didn't have any dreams.
[They continue through the forest. This time, BMO is dragging the baby by the foot.]
Baby: [Starts fussing. Its face turns red and appears about to cry.]
Bubble: He looks fussy; maybe he's hungry.
BMO: My hungry baby, what am I going to do with you? [Kisses the baby's foot]
Baby: [Sits up and faces BMO, who has picked up a rock]
BMO: Potato.
Baby: [Becomes more upset]
BMO: Eat your potato, Ricky!
Baby: [Takes the rock and begins to suck on it. This appears to calm it down.]
[A howl is heard and surprises them.]
BMO: It's the carnivore! Everybody! Hide! [BMO and Bubble dive into a tree stump filled with acorns] Psst, Ricky! Please, hide!
Baby: [Sucks on the rock and pats its belly]
BMO: [Crawls out of the stump to grab Ricky by the foot and attempt to get him inside] Oh, Ricky. Help me out here!
Mother: [Emerges from the trees with her flipper hand against her lips] [Gasps] My baby!
Baby: [Seeing its mother, puts its own flipper hand to his lips and blows.]
Mother: I was so worried about you, Sparkle!
Bubble: Sparkle...
Mother: [Begins to pull Sparkle out of the trunk with BMO trying to pull him back in.]
BMO: No, Ricky! No, no no! No, no!
Bubble: BMO, that's his mom! Let go!
BMO: [Whines.]
Mother: [Holding up Sparkle] My beautiful baby. [Sparkle shrieks happily.] [She frowns at BMO] You should be ashamed of yourself! [Walks back into the forest]
BMO: [Looks down at the ground]
[In a heavily wooded area, Bubble zooms around making motor noises and comes up to BMO.]
Bubble: Hey, the path ahead looks pretty clear and there were these... uh, there... BMO, are you okay?
BMO: I am sad, Bubble. I miss baby Ricky. I miss him so much already. And I miss Finn and I miss Jake. And I got dirt all in my butt circuits! And Bubble...
Bubble: Yes, BMO?
BMO: I-I don't think I'm ever going to get home again.
Bubble: Don't cry. Sparkle is safe now and we did that. Thanks to us he's going to grow up and be anything he wants to be: a strapping horse whisperer or a sexy hitman or whatever. And things are looking up for us, too; I saw some bugs up ahead who look pretty with it.
BMO: [Puts its hands to its face plate and gasps]
Bubble: Maybe they can gives us directions or something.
BMO: Oh, my gosh! Oh oh oh! Bubble!
Bubble: What?!
BMO: I know those guys, Bubble! Those are my homeboys, my homeboys, those are my homeboys! We are close to my home!
Bubble: [Excited gasp] Yeeah! Come on, BMO!
BMO: Yeah!! [Falls on its face] Yeeaah!
[The two run across the field towards the Tree Fort.]
BMO: It's been so long, I can't wait to have some bread-and-butter!
Bubble: [Giggles]
BMO: [Bangs on the door with both fists]
Bubble: [Attempts to knock on the door as well by bumping into it]
BMO: [Knocks with one fist]
Finn: [From inside the house] Jake, is that you at the door?
Jake: Naw, man, I'm in the kitchen making us breakfast.
Finn: I call 'not answer the door' then.
Jake: [Grumbles] Alright, hang on out there I'm comin' [Clatter, grunts, and yells are heard as it sounds like Jake is falling over objects to get to the door.]
BMO: [Looks to Bubble] Might be a minute. [The noises continue and BMO sits down to wait more.]
Bubble: Um hey, so, BMO, since we have a little time, there is something I've been wanting to say.
BMO: Hm?
Bubble: I know I might never find my real home.
BMO: [Gasps] No, Bubble, that's not true!
Bubble: It is, I know it is, but it's... it's okay, because I realized something, all this time we've been together, BMO, I haven't felt lost, I felt at home.
Jake: [Noises continue as Jake falls over objects and is heard yelling.]
Bubble: And, it's you, BMO, I feel at home with.
BMO: [Puts its hands to its face plate and gasps blushing.]
Bubble: So, I thought- I mean if you feel the same way, I thought we could get married. I-I mean... I'm not even sure what that means exactly but-
BMO: I do! Oh, I do! I do!
Bubble: [Laughs heartily]
Jake: Hey, a bubble! Pop! [laugh]
BMO: Bubble? Bubble? [wails] No! No no no, my Bubble! No!! [falls on the grass]
Finn: What's so funny?
Jake: Oh, it's just BMO, he's pretending to be all messed up because his bubble got popped. [chuckles]
Finn: Oooh, heh haha, that is pretty funny.
BMO: [Muffled] Oh, Bubble, I'm so sorry I brought you here! [crying sounds]
Bubble: [Disembodied voice is heard] There, there, BMO, it's okay.
BMO: [Rolls on its side to look around] Bubble? Is that you? I hear you in my head but I don't see you!
Finn & Jake: [Snickering]
BMO: Oh no, have I gone bananas?!
Bubble: No, BMO, it's okay. You see, I'm finally free.
BMO: I don't understand, Bubble.
Bubble: No, not Bubble, Air. BMO I'm Air! I've been trapped in that bubble for so long I've forgotten who I am, but now I'm finally home.
BMO: Yeaay!! [Waves its hands around] Oh, b-but wait, now you don't need me... to feel... at home.
Bubble/Air: Nooo, see that's what's so great. Now we can be together forever, BMO, every minute of every day. No more privacy, no more quiet, no more alone. Every room you ever go in, I'll already be there... waiting... forever and ever, until the end of time.
BMO: Yaaaaay!! [Waves its hands around]
[The episode ends.]