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BMO's Mixtape (Gilligan Moss Mix) is an album featuring remixes of various songs from Adventure Time by Gilligan Moss, including a remix of "Eternity With You" from the (at the time) upcoming Distant Lands episode "Obsidian". It was released digitally on 18 September 2020, between the release of Distant Lands episodes "BMO" and "Obsidian". The album is a total of 26 minutes in length with 11 tracks.


  1. Robot Cowboy (feat. Niki Yang) - Gilligan Moss Mix
  2. Summer Swamp Boogie - Gilligan Moss Mix
  3. Good Little Girl (feat. Donald Glover, Madeleine Martin & Rox Ryan) - Gilligan Moss Mix
  4. Dropdown Rainbow/All Gummed Up (feat. Jeremy Shada) - Gilligan Moss Mix
  5. Fries (feat. Jeremy Shada) - Gilligan Moss Mix
  6. Bacon Pancakes (feat. John DiMaggio) - Gilligan Moss Mix
  7. Oh BMO (feat. Niki Yang) - Gilligan Moss Mix
  8. Juke Bug - Gilligan Moss Mix
  9. Sleepy Puppies (feat. Jeremy Shada) - Gilligan Moss Mix
  10. Time Adventure (feat. Niki Yang) - Gilligan Moss Mix
  11. Eternity With You (feat. Michaela Dietz) - Gilligan Moss Mix


  • The remix of "Eternity With You", sung by Glassboy in "Obsidian", was first released as a single before the album's full release.
  • On Spotify, the album uses the Canvas feature, which features BMO playing his ukulele, as seen at the start of the episode "BMO" when he plays "Fresh Potatoes". For each track, the background changes slightly (usually depending on the song) and for "Eternity With You", Glassboy is seen in the foreground of the canvas.