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Avalaunch! is an Adventure Time game on the Cartoon Network website. In it, the player launches various Adventure Time characters down a mountain in order to get as far as they can.


The game is controlled entirely with the mouse. A Gumball Guardian is seen at the top of a hill, and a power meter is at the bottom of the screen. To launch the characters in the bubble, click the mouse. The higher the power meter, the farther the bubble goes. While in the air, click the mouse to use the character's special ability. The farther the bubble is launched, the more characters that will be unlocked. Once multiple characters have been unlocked, their bubbles can be split at any time. The player can switch which bubble is being focused on by clicking a characters icon at the bottom of the screen. Once a bubble stops rolling, you can't switch to it anymore. Occasionally, medals will be earned by the different characters. Once three of these are earned, an ability can be used again.



  • Giant Jake: Makes Jake's bubble large.
  • Spirit Sword: Finn slashes his sword around, destroying any objects in his way.
  • Delete Rocks!: BMO deletes any rocks in the area.
  • Bouncy Bubble: Makes Princess Bubblegum's bubble bounce higher.
  • Boulder Freeze: Freezes and destroys any boulders in Ice King's way.
  • Float N Gloat: Lumpy Space Princess' bubble bounces higher and falls down a lot slower.
  • Vampire Jam: Pushes objects around Marceline away from her.



  • When collected, Princess Bubblegum is referred to as "Bubblegum Princess" and Lumpy Space Princess is referred to as "Lumpy Space".