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Astrid is a human girl who lives in Up-Ton and is a fan of Fionna and Cake. She first appears in "Simon Petrikov". She was born in the city, which means her parents probably came from the Founder's Island, since it was just 12 years ago[1] when the humans migrated[2] to the Land of Ooo.


She is a red-haired human child. As a cosplayer, she wears an outfit which mimics Fionna's, consisting of black shoes, white long socks, blue shorts, a blue shirt, a green backpack, and a white hat with bunny ears.


Astrid demonstrated being heavily disappointed by the lack of new Fionna and Cake stories, due to the fact Ice King turned back into Simon. She called him a "boring sad guy", knowing some facts about how his fiancée Betty Grof led him to become Simon Petrikov again and how he was cooler as a wizard with ice powers.

This implies she has some knowledge about the Land of Ooo, symbolizing how the humans are gradually blending within Ooo's civilization and culture, although they are still isolated.

After bothering Simon and asking him to autograph her copy of Ice King's Fionna and Cake book, he threw her book into his trashcan, making her very sad. She tries to get the book later, but is unable to do so. After a while, she meets Fionna for the first time, and helps her to find Cake using two of her hi-tech gadgets: the DNA-scanner wristband and a hoverbike.

Initially viewing Fionna like another fan, she gave her bunny ears-shaped hat which was inspired by the Fionna character from the book. By the way Fionna battled with the adversaries within a Market in Ooo where Cake was imprisoned by the local inhabitants, she was eventually able to discover that she was actually the real Fionna. She asked if they could go on an adventure together, but this moment is interrupted when Prismo teleports Fionna and Cake to his Time Room to deal with a crossover issue. Astrid was upset about the loss of her beloved hat. In the next episode "Prismo the Wishmaster", before Prismo switches the channel in the Time Room, she's seen wondering around the place she last saw Fionna on her hoverbike.

She returns in the ending montage for "Cheers", where a much more cheerful Simon gives her a tour of an exhibition about 90s culture. While hearing him talk, she draws the characters Casper and Nova in her notebook, two characters who Simon encountered 1000+ years in the future by way of a holobook written by an unknown author; the implication seems to be said author will be Astrid.

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