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The Astral Plane is the dimension that Finn's Astral Beast resides in. The dimension was first shown in the episode "Still." It is not known if others have an Astral Beast here.

While Finn is lying paralyzed on his couch he has a realization that "when someone loses one sense, their other senses are enhanced—like a blind man who can smell and hear really well" and that he will try to use his "now-enhanced brain sense to make contact with an Astral Beast who will help [him and Jake]." He then focuses himself and enters the dimension through his mind, seeking to take control of the Astral Beast. After a full night of accomplishing nothing, Finn does a dance that apparently pleases the Astral Beast. It then begins to manifest itself in the Astral Plane, though Finn never sees it there. While in the Astral Plane' Finn appears as if contentedly asleep, and reaching the Astral Beast is what causes him to wake. The Astral Beast later comes to help Finn and Jake in the form of many butterflies.

In the Astral Plane, only Finn's face shows, with the rest of his body glowing white. The Astral Plane itself is covered in pink, reddish, and red waves. Finn simply floats in it.


  • The Astral Plane could be a play on the concept of astral projection.
  • In Theosophy, the Astral Plane is the seat of the Astral body, a dimension of the self between the physical body and the soul related to desires or emotions. In the Thelemic tradition, it is related to the Body of Light (which might be why Finn's body glows white).
  • Glob and the Space Lards can see astral forms.


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