Ashly Burch is an Emmy-winning part of the Adventure Time writing staff,

She also provides several voices for the show, including that of Breezy in the Adventure Time episode of the same name, as well as both the blacksmith and the scorpion in "Little Brother" (uncredited). She also voiced Cheryl and Sally in "Dark Purple" and Bun Bun in the titular episode. Starting with the seventh season. she joined the storywriting crew, helping to pen episode outlines.[1]

Outside the series, she's an actor and writer known for acting in the series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? and Must Come Down, and voicing in the anime Attack on Titan as Sasha Braus, as well as the video game Borderlands 2 as Tiny Tina, the Team Fortress 2 animated short "Expiration Date" as Miss Pauling, the episodic game Life Is Strange as Chloe, and in Horizon Zero Dawn as Aloy. She is also the voice of the Rutile Twins on Steven Universe. She is currently voicing Enid on Cartoon Network's original series, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. She is also a gamer who runs the YouTube channel HAWPOfficial.

In 2019, she stepped in front of the cameras for a higher-profile turn in Mythic Quest, an Apple TV+ comedy about the production of video games.

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