Aquandrius is a magical creature that appears in "The Limit." He appears to be a muddy serpent that rewards travelers able to find the center of the Labyrinth by awarding them wish orbs.

At the climax of "The Limit," when Finn uses the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant to help himself and the others escape, Aquandrius becomes furious, revealing that he intended for them to die before they used their wishes.


He is a serpentine creature with small, slanted yellow eyes and with a muddy substance covering his body. He also has slim arms that appear near-vestigial. It is not known whether he is entirely composed of the muddy substance or is simply covered with it.


Congratulations, warriors. Step forward and take your wishes.

—"The Limit"

Oh, yes. Now you may each receive your wish for real. But be warned: there are no do-overs.

—"The Limit"

No! You weren't supposed to have your wishes come true! You were supposed to die!

—"The Limit"


  • His name appears in his character design document and in the credits for "The Limit."
  • The wish orbs resemble a gathering of eel eggs.
  • According to him, the wishes were fake and everyone was supposed to die. He embodies the classic trope of being careful what you wish for, lest that wish be granted in a literal and ironic manner to the wisher's detriment.


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