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"Apple Wedding" is the forty-fourth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and forty-eighth episode overall.


Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig's perfect wedding goes awry, with the bride and groom's troubles including jealous exes, wedding crashers and a snoopy authoritarian.


The episode begins with Cinnamon Bun dressed in a tuxedo carrying a tray of apple cider through the forest, back to the wedding. Princess Bubblegum asks him where he has been, since she had asked him to "take these drinks around for us." He replies that he misunderstood her instructions and said that he had walked to the zoo and back.

The setting opens onto Tree Trunks' yard, where dozens of pigs and elephants run around in formal attire, eager for the wedding to begin. Princess Bubblegum finds Finn tending the juice bar and tells him that Cinnamon Bun will take over that job. Princess Bubblegum then gives Finn the "special job" of keeping Lumpy Space Princess from crashing the wedding.

Princess Bubblegum then visits Tree Trunks' wagon to reassure her that she has taken care of all the wedding details, including keeping her three exes apart at all times, until the time comes for Bubblegum to perform the wedding ceremony. However, Tree Trunks replies that she does not accept Princess Bubblegum's authority to perform the ceremony. She insists that she can only be married by "his holiness, the one true King of Ooo." Princess Bubblegum is furious and calls the King of Ooo a fraud. She storms out, leaving Tree Trunks alone in her wagon with her mother who insists that the Princess is only jealous because Tree Trunks is about to marry such a "fine, saucy bologna factory." Tree Trunks is offended by her mother's lascivious comments and worries that her wedding will be a disaster.

Outside, the King of Ooo is telling the fortunes of Mr. Pig's relatives, and Princess Bubblegum vows to expose him as a fraud. BMO is excitedly spinning around in a chair at the juice bar, next to Wyatt, one of Tree Trunks' ex-husbands. Wyatt sadly reminisces about his time married to Tree Trunks. Another of Mr. Pig's relatives shouts out that the ceremony is starting.

Jake serenades Tree Trunks down the aisle with a recording of his viola. BMO begins rushing to the ceremony, but Wyatt begs BMO to stay with him, as catharsis. 

While on guard, Finn hears rustling in the woods, and Lumpy Space Princess springs out in a tattered wedding dress of her own and a withered bouquet. Finn tells her that this wedding is not her party, but Lumpy Space Princess insists "Every party is my party." Meanwhile, Princess Bubblegum breaks into the King of Ooo's blimp to see if there is anything unlawful inside.

Tree Trunks basks in the attention everyone is giving her and prolongs her walk down the aisle as Finn and Lumpy Space Princess continue their scuffle. As BMO longingly watches the wedding from afar, Wyatt asks BMO to move in with him. BMO gasps and runs away into the woods.

When Tree Trunks reaches the podium, the King of Ooo begins his suspicious wedding vows: "Do you, Mr. Pig, take Tree Trunks to be your ever-wedded wife, forever following the teachings of me, the true King of Ooo? And do you, Tree Trunks, promise to love Mr. Pig forever and spend the next five years with me in my serenity compound, performing simple household repairs, to have and to hold in sickness and in health in my gated mountain compound?"

Just as Tree Trunks is about to say, "I do," she notices Lumpy Space Princess crawling towards the ceremony, and Princess Bubblegum hijacking the King of Ooo's zeppelin. Princess Bubblegum announces, "This wedding is a farce! A criminal farce!" She brandishes the King of Ooo's outdated wedding officiant license. The King of Ooo then pulls out his up-to-date paperwork and accuses the Princess of breaking into his blimp. Eager to silence him, Princess Bubblegum sends the King of Ooo to jail. When the wedding guests protest, Princess Bubblegum also sends them to jail.

Behind bars, Tree Trunks laments and sees her mother making out with Wyatt. She sadly tells Mr. Pig, "I guess this is it, sweetie." Telepathic waves beam into Tree Trunks' head, and her eyes dilate as she announces, "The elephant graveyard is calling me now. Okay, hold your horses, I'm comin'." As she begins to dig her own grave, Mr. Pig tells her to wait: "Look around! Everyone we care about is all here together! ...We could have the ceremony right here!" Tree Trunks agrees and asks the King of Ooo if he will officiate. The King, who has gnawed away the prison window bars, says, "You can perform their own dang ceremony" before leaping out the window shouting, "!"

Mr. Pig points out that the king said Tree Trunks could perform her own ceremony, and that his word is law. So she does.

Princess Bubblegum, who has been watching these proceedings over the Candy Kingdom's CCTV, starts crying, and tells the Banana Guards to let them all go, as she just "can't stay mad at something so cute." The Banana Guards release all of the wedding guests along with the actual criminals in the Candy kingdom. However, Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig remain behind in jail, and Princess Bubblegum continues watching the two.

Tree Trunks notes, "Looks like we've got the whole place to ourselves, if you know what I'm saying." Mr. Pig says, "Wait, don't you think there might be cameras down here?" Tree Trunks replies, "I hope so." Princess Bubblegum grimaces.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • This episode reveals that Tree Trunks has had three ex-husbands, Randy, Danny, and Wyatt (a rhinoceros, a boar, and an elephant seal, respectively).
  • This episode was first hinted in the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 by Kent Osborne and Adam Muto.
  • In the previews, LSP's eyes are censored by a black bar to seemingly hide her identity.
  • This episode reveals what Charlie, Viola, and Kim Kil Whan look like all grown up.
  • The promotional artwork has multiple references to previous episodes:
  • Tree Trunks doesn't believe that Princess Bubblegum has the authority to preside over her wedding.
  • Princess Bubblegum is shown to have some resentment towards "The True King of Ooo".
  • This is the first appearance of the King of Ooo.

Episode connections

  • In the episode "Jake The Dad," Jake said that Kim Kil Whan grew a beard and in this episode, Kim Kil Whan has a beard.
  • Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig are married after a long relationship:
    • Mr. Pig first meets Tree Trunks after the events of "Apple Thief" and never really left her home.
    • They got into a relationship as of the Season 4 episode "Dream of Love."
  • Smudge is back as Mr. Pig's best man as he was first seen in the episode "Apple Thief" as one of the gang Mr. Pig used to be in.
  • Due to Princess Bubblegum's intervention and ruination of her wedding, Tree Trunks harbours a dislike for the Princess for the rest of the show, which can be first evidenced later on in Season Eight's episode, "High Strangeness."
  • Kim Kil Whan, Viola, and Charlie make a reapperance since "Jake the Dad."
  • The King of Ooo makes a reappearance in "Gold Stars."

Cultural references

  • The song Jake played with his viola is Pachelbel's Canon
  • Before he left the dungeon, the King of Ooo shouted "King of," which is a reference to the Adventure Time Staff Tumblr page.
  • According to the storyboard, Lumpy Space Princess's dress is an exact copy of Princess Diana's wedding dress.
  • The painting in Tree Trunk's house is likely a reference to René Magritte's paintings.
  • When Tree Trunks announces that the elephant graveyard is calling to her, this is a reference to the legend that old elephants instinctively leave to a far away place when they are ready to die.

Production notes

  • This is the first Adventure Time episode to air in 2014.


  • When Wyatt's talking while BMO is trying to watch the wedding, there are two napkins, a stain, and an empty glass on the table. A scene cuts to Cinnamon Bun still trying to open the bottle. When it goes back to BMO and Wyatt, all three things are gone, but when Cinnamon Bun finally gets the bottle open, the glass returns.
  • For one split second as Viola leaves the screen during the jail release, her hair disappears.
  • In the aerial scene of the jail, the left portion of the cell has only 3 pigs, but when the view goes to normal there are much more including two kid pigs in front of the 3.
  • In the normal view of the prison cell there are two branches, one on each side of the middle section. In the aerial view, the branch on the right is missing.
  • There is nothing behind Finn in the cell during any of the viewing of the whole cell, but when Mr Pig starts listing people, there is a branch and a window behind him.
  • Lady was shown to be at the wedding at all times, but she was not shown in the prison, even though she was one of the wedding guests.
    • This may not be an error as Lady and PB are shown to be very close, it's possible that Lady never stood up to PB with the other guests and was never sent to jail.
  • In some scenes, Jake Jr.'s colors are in reverse order (blue, light blue, yellow, pink, and purple).
  • Charlie does not have her freckles in this episode, though in the next episode she regains them.
  • In the cell Tree Trunk's ring is on her right through most of the scene, but later before preforming her own ceremony the ring is gone.



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