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Apple pie is a fruit-based dish that Tree Trunks often bakes for herself and others. The pies are double-crusted and are known to be very delicious, as Jake calls one the "Best apple pie ever!" In addition, Tree Trunks' pies are likely made from the apples in the orchard around her house.

Tree Trunks is first seen baking one for Finn and Jake in the episode "Tree Trunks." Tree Trunks makes another in "Dream of Love" at Finn's suggestion to take her mind off of her separation from Mr. Pig. She finishes it while singing "Dream of Love," and Jake "kisses" it at the end of the episode. In "Five More Short Graybles," Tree Trunks is carrying an apple pie through the Candy Kingdom when Finn and Jake run up to her and stick their thumbs in it. Shortly thereafter, Tree Trunks bumps into the Cranky Cookie statue and drops the pie. In "Mystery Dungeon," Tree Trunks bakes an apple pie for Lemongrab, Ice King, Shelby, and Neptr when they are stuck in the Mystery Dungeon. A giant rat snatches it from her and starts eating it, but Lemongrab knocks it out and eats the pie out of its mouth.

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  • Tree Trunks is never seen eating her own pies.
  • Tree Trunks' apple pie can restore health in Finn and Jake's Epic Quest.
    • It also reappears in Finn & Bones, and also restores health. The player needs to mix two fresh apples to make it.
  • In the Adventure Time Mad Libs, there is a story written by Tree Trunks on her apple pie recipe.


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