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Ants are insects that can be found throughout the Land of Ooo. There are a large variety of ants that range in size, color, and shape. In addition, ants seem to differ in terms of intelligence and sociality.

Notable ants

List of ants

Image Name Basic Description
Ant Souls from It came from the Nitosphere.jpg
It Came from the Nightosphere Ants These Ants are shown being stomped on by Hunson Abadeer and having their souls sucks out. They are featured in the song "Stompin' On Ants."
Dentist Ants These Ants are part of a militaristic colony called the Ant Nation and are responsible for dental care in the Land of Ooo. The nation's queen is General Tarsal
Steven & Chad Steven and Chad are two particular among many that covered Lumpy Space Princess at the beginning of the episode, "Gotcha!." Like the Vulture "Billy," these ants have no special characteristics or human personalities. They are just two ants that Lumpy Space Princess decided to assign names.
S7e32 Ant thumbs up.png
Helping Ant The Helping Ant is an ant that helped Cinnamon Bun in "Bun Bun"
S7e32 Red ant on anthill.png
Mountain Ant The Mountain Ant was a red ant from "Wild Trap Mountain."
Picnic Ant The Picnic Ant was a black ant that crawled across Beth and Shermy picnic in the episode, "Come Along With Me."
Invasive Ants The Invasive Ants are ants that covered Lumpy Space Princess in her outdoor home in the episode, "Gotcha!."
Party Ant The Party Ant was an ant that appeared at the party in Jake's Violin among other arthropods in the episode, "Little Brother."