The anti-gravity tote chamber is an item featured in the episode "The Other Tarts." It is used to tote perfect royal tarts in order to prevent them from being tainted or damaged. It is worn in the same manner as a backpack. Although Finn opens the tart chamber from the top, the chamber can also be opened using the black circle on the side and it appears this is the standard method. It has a meter which shows the number of tarts inside the chamber relative to the maximum capacity of 10 to 12 tarts.

Finn taints some imperfect tarts with a paralyzing potion and fills an anti-gravity tote chamber with them, and then gives a tote chamber to Cinnamon Bun. Finn and Jake take the other anti-gravity tote chamber and the three take the tarts along two different routes. Finn and Jake went along the dangerous route through the Desert of Doom, where all of their tarts were stolen. Unbeknownst to Finn and Jake, they had been carrying the tainted tarts the whole time.



  • The chambers make a cameo in LEGO Dimensions as the minikits for the Adventure Time Level.
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