The Ant Nation is a kingdom located in the Land of Ooo. It is a colony of ants that is notable for its quality dental care.


The nation is located primarily underground and is composed of tunnels of various shapes and sizes. There are also several rooms within the Ant Nation, most of which are small and likely intended for ants. However, certain rooms, such as the mess hall, are much larger in order to house foreign military personnel. The only known entrance and exit to the Ant Nation is through a well that connects the ants' hangars and airfields to the surface.


The Ant Nation is a militaristic colony that is ruled by General Tarsal, the queen. The nation is at war with the flies and actively engage the monstrous worms that work for them. Due to the war, all outsiders that have come in contact with the nation are required to maintain secrecy to ensure that information does not get passed down to the fly spies.

Although most of the nation's military is composed of ants, the colony also utilizes temporary foreign personnel. The most common method to enlist for dental care in the nation is by entering a well with snakes and rotten butter, although this has been cited as a mistake by Lieutenant Gamergate, who said they were supposed to enter the well with snacks and a flashlight instead. Foreigners enlisting is seen in "Dentist" where Finn and Tiffany serve a brief tour of duty by securing an important junction for the ants in return for full dental treatment.

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