This article is about the ant in "The Enchiridion!" You may be looking for the ants in "Storytelling" or the Giant Ant.

The ant is a harmless bug that appears in "The Enchiridion!" After Finn slays the Heart Beast, the Dark Magician commands him to kill the ant. However, Finn refuses to kill it because it was not evil. Finn escapes from the Dark Magician's "brain world" by kicking him in the crotch.

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The ant is small and blue. It does not possess any distinguishing features.


The Dark Magician says that the ant is neither good nor evil; instead, it is unaligned and neutral. As Finn points at the ant, it extends its foreleg, as if wanting to shake hands with him.


  • The concept of the ant's "alignment" is derived from the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The ant's being unaligned is a nod to the default alignment of animals and nature in general being "unaligned" in the Dungeons & Dragons alignment system.

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