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"Another Way" is the twenty-third episode in the third season of Adventure Time. It's the seventy-fifth episode overall.


When Clown Nurses make Finn uncomfortable, Finn ignores all options except his own when he decides to get cyclops tears to heal his and Jake's broken toes.


The episode begins with Finn and Jake being treated by Clown Nurses that Jake hired after he and Finn jumped off flying birds and broke their toes. Finn reads in the Enchiridion that there is a cyclops whose tears can heal any injury. He tries to prove that there's another way, but they insist that he leave the healing to them. The nurses wish to cure the duo by kissing their feet, but Finn refuses. The Clown Nurses are determined to 'cure' Finn, so they hold down his arms so he cannot move and kiss his toes. Finn pleads at them to let him go and has a sudden nightmare about the nurses. He flips out, then yells "MY WAY!!!" and leaves the Tree Fort, determined to do things his way. Jake liked the kisses, so he stayed behind.

Screaming all the way, Finn runs up to the Forest of Trees and comes to a fork in the road with a Stump with a direction sign on its head. She tells Finn to choose one of the paths, the left path being Hair Fall-Out Path, and the path on the right, Smelly Path. Still haunted by the thought of the Clown Nurses, Finn proclaims he will do things his way, kicks the direction sign off her head, and rushes through the thorn bushes behind her.

He comes up to a river, with a rude Talking Bush along the shore. After Finn tells the talking bush of his quest to find the cyclops, the talking bush tells Finn that it is impossible to cross the river. The river's current is much too fast, the water is acidic, the bridge above the river is a Trap Bridge, and there are electric eels in the water. Still determined to do things his way, Finn rips the Talking Bush out of the ground and runs through the river, swatting the water out of the way with the Talking Bush, but does not even make it to halfway across the river. Ignoring the destroyed Talking Bush's warning to go back, he tosses him to the far bank and runs through the acidic water.

Finn rushes up to a little hairy man named Pan with watermelons in a broken wagon and uses one of the watermelon's juices to rinse off the acidic water. Pan asks him to get his wagon's wheel to out of a tree so he can get the watermelons to his wife down the path, since he was too short to reach them. Finn, having gone mad with doing things his way, smashes the cart and the watermelons roll down the hill and smash the man's house and flatten his wife, Rainy. After this incident Pan tells Finn to leave.

Finn, having snapped back to reality, realizes what he has done that day and sings a sad song in his auto-tune voice on top of a cliff, which turns out to be the Forest Cyclops. It tells Finn that it knows he is here for its tears and that Finn will not get any because he never cries, along with stating that he is evil. Finn tells the cyclops he does not want his tears anymore, but the cyclops does not believe him and attacks Finn. Finn tricks the cyclops into bringing its head near him under the pretense of hearing Finn beg for mercy, and punches the cyclops in the eye and causes its tears to fall on him. Finn, now healed, defeats the cyclops and takes its still living head and heals all the people he hurt on his journey (including an inanimate Sandwich, which he brings to life).

Back at the Tree Fort, Finn tells the Clown Nurses to kiss the cyclops head, which they do. Jake tells Finn he prefers his way of having the nurses kiss his feet, instead of being healed by the tears. Finn accepts that everyone has their own way, much to Jake's amazement.


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  • This episode reveals that Finn feels uncomfortable around the Clown Nurses.
  • Finn and Jake receive their injuries from jumping off birds. This is depicted in the title card.
  • On the back of the Enchiridion are the numbers "8, 13, 21." These numbers are part of the famed Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two previous numbers.
    • Also, in one shot of the book, one paragraph of chapter Ten Cyclops Says: "What Cyclopses lack is depth perception, they make up for it by being really tall and crying a lot. They have pretty bad emotional problems. Cyclops, if you are reading this: Get over it. We all have problems (see appendix B.) but you don't hear us complaining about it. Cyclopses have magic teardrops that possess mystic healing abilities. They are made of a combination of Echinacea, chicken soup, toad potion, apple juice, celery soda, ginseng and marshmallow mold."
  • To get past the rest of the river as fast as Finn did, he would had to have ran 13.12 mph, while dealing with acidic water, electric eels, and rampaging current.
  • In the European version, both scenes where the Clown Nurse head laughs while the screen quickly changes to red and black was changed to grey instead. This wasn't done to the scene where Finn talks with the Bush.

Episode connections[]

  • Finn is seen with the Enchiridion for the first time since the episode "Evicted!"
  • The picture of Finn and the unknown green bear from "Still" appears again, except it is at Jake's bed.
  • Finn's hair is slightly longer since he last took off his hat in "No One Can Hear You."
  • This episode marks the first time Finn has sung in auto-tune since "Freak City."

Cultural references[]

  • The music playing in the background during the parts of the episode where the Clown Nurses are shown in the Tree Fort, such as at the beginning, is a calliope version of the German yodeling song "Das Kufsteiner Lied." The actual track is "Calliope Circus Music Version 2" which is sampled from Sound Ideas.
  • In the beginning of the episode when the disembodied clown head laughs, the face shape is very similar to The Lady in the Radiator from David Lynch's Eraserhead.

Production notes[]


  • When Finn is healed by the Cyclops' tear, he removes his bandage and has one barefoot, but starting from the following scene and continuing to the end of the episode he is wearing both shoes.
  • Before Finn's nightmare, the coffee cup on his bedside table is plain gray. After the nightmare, it has a vertical stripe in the middle.
  • The picture of Finn and the unknown green creature seen in "Still" now shows Finn on the right; originally he was on the left.
  • Finn could not have gotten through the first part of the thornbush the way he did.
  • Things on the ground change places, appear, and disappear during the time Finn and the Talking Bush speak.
  • When Finn heals the Tree Stump, the other mushroom and some grass that were by it are gone.



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