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Andy Ristaino is a storyboard artist and formerly[1] the lead designer and a character designer on Adventure Time. He began working on the series during its second season and later took over from Phil Rynda as lead designer. He helped write the episode "Little Dude," based on an idea focusing on Finn's hat's origins.[2] He later moved to the role of storyboard artist, debuting with "Love Games".[3]

Characters designed[]

He has designed the following characters:[4][5]

Episodes worked on[]

Story by[]

  • "Little Dude" (with Patrick McHale, Kent Osborne, and Pendleton Ward)

Written and storyboarded by[]


  • According to Andy, he is 5'7 1/2".[6]
  • He plays the theremin and the acoustic guitar.[7]
  • He also attended RISD, where he was classmates with Seth MacFarlane, who later became a storyboard artist of Johnny Bravo and later created Family Guy, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show. Here both Andy and Seth appeared in RISD's Film Society Welcome video where Andy appears in 1:42.[8] The video is no longer available on YouTube.
  • He was described as a type of "wood elf," a "scribbler," and a "holder of paper and pens" in the dictionary from "Mystery Train."
  • He is apparently planning to pitch his own TV show.[9]

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