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"Always BMO Closing" is the second episode in the tenth season of Adventure Time. It's the two hundred and sixty-eighth episode overall.[2]


BMO and Ice King hit the road as door-to-door salesmen and stumble upon an irresistible opportunity.


Finn and Jake are enjoying breakfast together. BMO wearing a large overcoat comes in and mentions that he's excited about his new job as a door-to-door salesman selling random junk such as balls of lint. Finn then notices that under BMO in the overcoat is Ice King. BMO and Ice King then exit to start selling things.

BMO and Ice King first arrive at Tree Trunks' house. Tree Trunks admires BMO's polite attitude convinces her to buy a branch. BMO and Ice King then chase a chipmunk hoping it will buy something but they quickly lose it and get lost.

BMO and Ice King reach a temple and knock on a door. The door is opened by an unidentified tall individual and is taken to "Uncle G." "Uncle G" looks angry and threatening holding an ax but becomes more passive and welcoming when BMO says he's selling Finn's baby teeth. "Uncle G" speak to BMO, confirming they are Finn's teeth and mentions that he dislikes that Princess Bubblegum as she always foils his plans. "Uncle G" than exchanges the teeth for silver.

Back at the Tree Fort Finn and Jake talk about how they pity BMO, as he was so happy to be salesman though they do not believe he's doing a good job and are setting up an "Employee of the Month" party. BMO and Ice King return with a real silver goblet, much to the surprise of Finn and Jake. BMO mentions that he had used human baby teeth to get the goblet. Finn in shock runs to his room to find his baby teeth. A bunch of teeth humanoids in the shape and size of baby Finn break into the Tree Fort and begin to attack Finn and Jake. BMO and Ice King then give Finn and Jake sledgehammers to attack the tooth baby Finns. The group then cleans up and Ice King clocks out and goes home. "Uncle G" views them from a distance saying he believes that the attack would've been more successful if they were not baby teeth.


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  • Jake drinks coffee in the morning, which is unusual as he is typically a tea drinker.
  • This episode features a title transition for the first time since season 2. However, it does not say "Adventure Time" and says "Potential Customer Time."
  • On Tree Trunks' kitchen shelves, there is a jar of "Healing Fungus", a bottle of "Food Perfume: 'Apple'" and a jar of "Pickled Cheese".
  • Near Tree Trunks' house, there's a carving in a tree of a heart with "TT + W" carved inside. This was likely made by Wyatt.
  • When BMO and Ice King are chasing the chipmunk, there is a rocket to the left of them that was left there during the Mushroom War.

Episode connections

  • The fact that Ice King and BMO are doing stuff together shows that they have continued to bond since "President Porpoise is Missing!" when they first started hanging out as buddies and playing make-believe.

Cultural references

  • The title is a play on the phrase: Always Be Closing, a motivational phrase used to describe a sales strategy.
    • It is also a reference to Blake's (portrayed by Alec Baldwin) Always Be Closing speech in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross.
  • Before leaving, Ice King says "the iceman leaveth," a reference to the 1939 play The Iceman Cometh.
  • In Gumbald's place, there is a picture of a kitten hanging onto a tree branch with the caption "Hang in There." This was and is a popular motivational poster/meme in real life.

Storyline analysis

  • There is a missing poster for Crunchy pasted on Tree Trunks' house, foreshadowing the reveal that Crunchy is Princess Bubblegum's Cousin Chicle, revealed in "Bonnibel Bubblegum," and has disappeared from the Candy Kingdom.

Production notes

  • This is the second episode that aired during the SeptemberBomb.


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