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"All Your Fault" is the ninth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and thirteenth episode overall.


A mission to help the Earls of Lemongrab lead Finn and Jake to discover grotesque new developments in the Lemon Kingdom.




Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the first Lemongrab episode without him saying his catchphrase acceptable or unacceptable.
  • It was revealed that Princess Bubblegum created the Candy Kingdom.

Cultural references

  • The way that Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2 speak (completing the sentence of each other) and walk (on a simetric way), is a well know trace of  twins to act, such as Si and Am from Disney's Lady and the Tramp and I and Am, bounty hunters from the series Samurai Jack.

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Production notes



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