This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "All Your Fault" from season 5, which aired on January 28, 2013.

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[Princess Bubblegum is in her lab working on a circuit board when a cloaked bird drops a letter on her table and flies away.]
Princess Bubblegum: What the... [she breaks the seal on the letter and reads it aloud] "mmmmn Princess Bubblegum, we are starving, immediately send us all of your candy. How dare you, ours, Lemon Grabs." [stops reading] Bull gunk! I left them a lifetime supply of candy!
[She swivels her chair to the window and looks out at Jake and Cinnamon Bun having a picnic, with Finn watching in the bushes.]
Princess Bubblegum: Hey Finn! Hey Jake! Can you come up here? I have a job for you!
Finn: Okay!
Jake: [getting up] Sorry CB, we'll finish this up later.
[Scene changes to inside Princess Bubblegum's lab. Princess Bubblegum is loading small, colorful spheres into a case.]
Finn: [entering room] Hey, Preebs.
Princess Bubblegum: Hey, guys. I got a letter from the earls of Lemongrab. They've gone through all the food that I've sent them. [gestures to case] This case contains precious candy seeds for the Lemongrabs to grow new food. [closes case] So, I need you two to deliver these seeds to Lemon Castle. [hands case to Jake]
Finn: For sure. We'll do it.
Princess Bubblegum: [saluting] Good luck, gentlemen!
[Finn jumps on Jake who jumps out the window and stretches his ears into wings.]
Cinnamon Bun: [waving] Bye, girlfriend! [laughs]
[Finn and Jake make their way to Castle Lemongrab and open the gate.]
Jake: Hey, Lemongrabs! You home?
Finn: Holy--!
[They see various Lemon creatures, who start advancing toward them and touching them.]
Finn: [worried] Jake? Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake!
Jake: [smacking a Lemon spider off his arm] Kiss it!
[Finn and Jake start backing away from the creatures through the courtyard.]
Finn: Aah! Sorry, dudes--got no food! No... food! [Lemon goat bites Finn's hand] Hey!
Jake: Hey! Weirdos! [stretches his hand into a slice of cake] Get the birthday cake!
[Jake pretends to throw it, and the Lemon people run over to where they think it landed. Finn and Jake give each other a thumbs up and go through another gate. On the opposite wall is a giant Lemon creature's face.]
Lemonjon: Are you lemon?
Finn and Jake: Whoa!
Jake: What the thing is up with this guy?
Lemonjon: Does your head come to a nub?
Jake: What?
Lemonjon: You are un-lemon.
Finn: Yeah. Cool, man. Hey, do you know where--?
Lemonjon: I am Lemonjon. I see you made it past our Lemon mmmmmmmeringerie!
Finn: Wait, what?
Lemonjon: They're quite hungry.
Finn: Yeah. What the heck's going on here?
Lemonjon: There is no food, only Lemons--Lemons with bellies empty but for lemon lusts!
Finn: Whatever, Lemonjon. We've gotta give those dumb-butts these seeds.
Jake: Where should we go?
Lemonjon: Mmmmmmmy senses tell me that they're in the dungeon. They've been there for three weeks. Three weeks, dungeon.
Jake: I wonder who put them in there.
Finn: I don't know, but we gotta bust them out! Which way to the dungeon, Lemonjon?
[Lemonjon picks up a rock with his lips and throws it at the wall, making a hole.]
Jake: Oh, cool!
Finn: [running to hole] Thanks, man!
Jake: [going through hole] Yeah, thanks, man!
[Finn and Jake make their way down a poorly lit corridor. Something skitters across the screen behind them.]
Jake: [turns around] Hmmm.
[A brick in the ceiling falls down and shatters. Jake clears his throat and he and Finn walk along the wall past it. Finn opens a door and looks inside. He sees a gigantic heart that isn't pumping and a large pipe dumping yellow liquid through a grate. Finn closes the door.]
Jake: Hmmm.
[They continue down some stairs and come to a door.]
Finn: [opening door] Yo, Lemon-wipes!
[Past the door are more gigantic organs, swelling and wriggling.]
Jake: Yech.
[They close the door and walk down a different hallway.]
Jake: Um, maybe we should hands... for safety.
Finn: [taking Jake's hand] Yeah, sure!
Jake: So, where'd you want to look ne--[looks at what he's holding, which turns out to be a green Lemon creature that starts licking his hand.] Eeeh! [yanks hand away] Uh, Finn?!
Finn: [down the hall] Oh, sorry dude.
[Creature runs away and Jake catches up to Finn, who is by a door.]
Finn: [opening door] Stay close to me.
[Inside is a giant pair of kidneys and a small Lemon creature, wailing loudly. It turns to them and its face peels.]
Jake: [closes door] Nope!
[Jake hurriedly picks up Finn and kicks open an air duct. He throws Finn inside and follows him in. They fall out the other end into another hallway, at the end of which is a door with bars.]
Jake: [running to door] I think this is it.
Finn: [ratting handle] All locked up! [looks through bars] There they are! Hey, Lemongrabs, we're here! We're gonna get you out, just hold tight!
Lemongrab: Go away.
Lemongrab 2: No food here.
Jake: Maybe the kidnapper's in there, too, coercing them.
Finn: Probably the grossest one of all, too--beet red skin, barf, poopin' all its junk-sculpture.
Jake: Ah, stop, man! You're just makin' it worse! [makes fist huge] Let's just get this over with. [punches down door]
Finn: Lemongrabs, you're free!
Lemongrab: They broke the door! The door is broken now!
Lemongrab 2: FIX THE DOOR!
Jake: Fix the door? What?! What? Fix the door? Fix--what? What's goin' on here? Fix the door. Finn, what's goin' on? Fix the door.
Lemongrab: It doesn't matter anymore.
Lemongrab 2: There is no more candy to hoard. Let them keep what crumbs they find, for there are no crumbs.
Lemongrabs: [Half screaming, half singing] NO CRUMBS!
Finn: Are you saying you locked yourselves down here with all the food so you could eat it yourselves?
Jake: You know there's guys starvin' up there?!
Lemongrab: Hmm. No, no. You do not understand. It is not us for whom they starve, but them...
Lemongrab 2: ...for whom they starve.
Lemongrab: Mm! Yes, yes! For the candy food was not consumed--no, no--but was given life!
Finn: Wha--?
Lemongrab: You see, Finn, [starts pacing] when Mother Princess last visited Lemongrab...
Lemongrab 2: ...when she saw fit to create me, Lemongrab...
Lemongrab: [holds up formula]...she left behind a little something-something: the secret formula for creating candy life! She must have meant for us to have it, to keep making more family.
Lemongrab 2: Yes, yes! All her fault!
Lemongrab: What? What'd you say?
Lemongrab 2: I said, "all her fault."
Lemongrab: Oh, indeed! For once we had commenced, how could we desist?
Lemongrab 2: I looked deep in myself and found that I'm a guy who can't stop making candy life from the food he needs.
Lemongrab: Me, too.
Lemongrab 2: It just felt so pretty okay inside, greeting each new placid face...
Lemongrab: ...and hearing each new piercing song!
Plop-Top: [screams]
Lemongrab 2: We used the last of the food to make Plop-Top, here.
Lemongrab: Mm. I thought we said Dump-Dome.
Lemongrab 2: [screams] Who cares anyway? They've brought no food! We're all going to die!
Finn: Look. We brought these seeds. [opens case] They're special candy seeds.
Jake: You can grow new food now.
Lemongrab: [walks over] Oh, yes. [taking seeds] Hmm, mm-hmm, mmhm. Yes. [pushes Plop-Top off of table, squishes seeds together]
Lemongrab 2: Yes, yes. There we go! [pours formula onto wad]
[Wad of seeds comes to life and immediately throws up the excess formula.]
Lemongrab: Ha-haaa! We'll call you Seed-Wad!
Lemongrab 2: [admiringly] Ooh!
Jake: You really are gonna die.
Finn: ...and all your boys, too!
Lemongrab: Our... boys?
Finn: Come on. We'll take you to see Princess Bubblegum. She knows more about candy than anyone; she built a whole kingdom out of candy!
Lemongrab: Yes. Okay.
Lemongrab 2: For our boys.
Lemongrab: But first we will notify the children of our impending departure...
Lemongrabs: they won't worry about us while we're away.
[Scene changes to room with Lemonjon, where all the Lemon people have gathered.]
Lemongrab: Okay, yes. The hard times are over!
[Lemon people cheer.]
Lemongrab 2: Mmmm, here's the plan...
Lemongrab: We will go to the Candy Kingdom and take all their candy from them! Then we will give that candy precious life and build a candy army so we may then go forth and pillage candy for all to eat!
Lemongrab 2: Now go, young Lemonjon!
Lemongrab: Go! Go!
[Lemongrabs chant 'go' while Lemonjon begins standing up. The castle shakes and pieces of the ceiling start raining down.]
Finn: What's going on, Lemongrabs?!
Lemongrab: It's all [points finger at Finn] your fault!
Lemongrab 2: [points finger at Finn] All your fault!
Lemongrab: We warned you!
Lemongrab 2: We warned you about us!
[Finn and Jake run out of the room. Lemonjon stands up, tipping Finn and Jake out of the castle. Finn grabs on to the ledge and Jake grabs Finn's other hand.]
Finn: Yaaaah! [pants, looks down at Lemonjon's leg] What the--?
Finn and Jake: [as Lemonjon starts walking] Whoaaaaaa!
Finn: Jake! Are you alright?
Jake: Yeah, but look! [points] He's heading right for the Candy Kingdom!
Finn: [gasps] And he's too big to duke it out with! Unless...
Jake: Giant poison candy aspirin! [holds up large pill] I've got this one, but it might be too small.
Finn: No. We'll kick him in his heart 'til he's history. Those must have been Lemonjon's guts we saw before. His heart is his weak spot.
Jake: Yeah, but we'll never find it again in time... unless that's it there [points] with the juice coming out. Remember all that juice, from before?
Finn: Oh yeah, that's probably it. [Jake stretches them over to the grate] Whoaaa! [Finn opens grate and climbs in, retches as liquid drenches him] Oh, man!
Jake: [climbing in] Tastes like vitamins.
Finn: [grunting and punching the heart]
Jake: Are you sure this is it? It's not even doing anything.
Finn: Just smash it already, grandma.
Jake: Right. [grows hands and hits the heart hard]
[Heart starts pumping. Finn and Jake are thrown across the room.]
Finn: [sarcastically] Oh, nice one, Jake.
Lemonjon: [stops walking] Whoa, hold the phone! What is this powerful new juice coursing fromst my core source? [groans] The juice aches. Is this the rumored ache of feeling? The feeling of caring unknown to Lemons? New thoughts emerge! If I act, the Candy People will suffer. If I don't, the Lemon people will suffer. The greater good demands but one course only: that I dissolve the bonds uniting me and become component to all!
[Lemonjon strains and dissolves into millions of small, lemon-shaped candies. Finn, Jake, and the Lemon people fall to the ground.]
Finn: Whoa, dang! [picks up some candies] That Lemonjon turned himself all up into lemon candy! Man, that Lemonjon's all right.
[Scene changes to Princess Bubblegum's lab, where she is using a pencil to erase some words from the Lemongrabs' exposed brains.]
Princess Bubblegum: [erasing] ...and... there... we... go. [blows on Lemongrab's brain] All done! The last trace of the candy life formula is out of their heads!
Finn: ...and I snatched this [holds up formula] out of the Lemon castle, boyee!
Princess Bubblegum: Now we all just have to keep a closer eye on those two so they don't get in to any more trouble.
Jake: But how come we don't just fix their hearts like we did with Lemonjon so they're more selfless and less selfish?
Princess Bubblegum: Oh, no, no. Their hearts are fine. They're just like this.
Lemongrabs: [smiling] Hmm!

Episode ends

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