"All Warmed Up Inside" is a song Jake sings in "Incendium" to win the heart of Flame Princess for Finn. The tune is the same as "All Gummed Up Inside" sung by Finn.

thumb|300px|right|Rebecca Sugar's original demos of "Gummed Up" & "Warmed Up"


Oh, Flame Princess,

I think you're rad.

I really wanna kiss you,

Right in front of your dad.

'Cause I think you're great,

I wanna be your mate,

Maybe go on a date.

'Cause it feels like there's a fire inside my body,

Like there's a fire inside my heart.

It's like this fire is gonna consume me,

If I keep waiting for this thing to start.

Ohh, I feel like I'm all warmed up inside,

I feel all warmed up inside,

I feel all warmed up insi-i-i-i-de...


  • The lyrics for the song was slightly different in the demo version:
Oh, Flame Princess,
I like your dress.
You look like a beautiful treasure,
I wanna open your chest. (…)
  • It's an altered version of Finn's All Gummed Up Inside song, which Jake changed to a song about Flame Princess.


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