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2021 Music Hole Award Nomination
SilverMusic This article was nominated in the 2021 Music Hole Awards. It was nominated for the following category: Best Season 3+4 Song. However, it didn't win.

"All Gummed Up Inside" is a song sung by Finn in the episode "Incendium." The song is later adapted by Jake into "All Warmed Up Inside" to try to impress Flame Princess. The song is about his feelings when he was rejected by Princess Bubblegum. During most of the song, BMO's video game music plays in the background, and Jake is looking down at Finn sympathetically.


I can't keep pushing this down any deeper,
Why do I keep trying if I can't keep her?
Every move that I make,
Is just another mistake,
I wonder what it would take,
Because it feels like there's a hole inside my body,
Like there's a hole inside my heart.
It's like this feeling is gonna consume me,
If I keep waiting for this thing to start.
Oh, I feel like I'm all gummed up inside,
It's like I'm all gummed up inside,
It's like I'm all gummed up insi-i-i-i-i-i-ide....


  • The background music of this song is used in the Adventure Time Minecraft Mash-up Pack and in the game Card Wars.

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