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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "All's Well That Rats Swell" from season 6 (shorts), which aired on July 6, 2015.

Tree Fort
This transcript is complete.


[The short begins with BMO going to the fridge in the morning.]
BMO: [Lifts up door] Ugh!
[BMO proceeds to hold every egg from the carton individually]
BMO: [Whispering] Good morning [Smooch]... Good morning [Smooch]... Good morning [Smooch]...
[Transition to BMO watering a flower, dousing it from water held in his arms]
BMO: [Angrily] Drank up!
[In the following scene, BMO drags a bag of bread and tosses a slice at a duck.]
[BMO is then seen climbing on Finn and then plucking a hair growing above his lip.]
BMO: [Whispering] Forever young.
[BMO sings "Mustaches Belong In The Cupboard" as he walks over to the cabinet.]
BMO: [Opens cabinet door] AIIIIIIIII...!
Rat: [Screech]
BMO: Oh! Ooh I'm so simmering! I'm so... I'm so... Ooh! I'm so mad! A rat in the flour?! A rat in the flour?! I'm so smoked! I'm a hot log! I gotta thumb war! Thumb war! [Sticks thumb at rat]
[Rat bites BMO's thumb, leaving a visible bite mark]
BMO: Aahhhh! [Muffled] Aahhhh! Finn!
Finn: [Wakes up] What?! [Feels lip] My lip hurts again.
BMO: [Inconsolable] Finn! Finn, I ha—I hav—I have a boo-boo! Kiss it.
Finn: [Nonchalant] Okay! [Kisses BMO's thumb] That tastes like rat.
[Scene transitions to Finn sick in bed moaning as Jake feeds him soup]
[BMO walks back to the kitchen]
BMO: [Sulking] What's worse than BMO?
[BMO walks over to cabinet and opens the door]
BMO: You!
Rat: [Screech]
BMO: Thumb war! [Punches rat in the nose]
[Rats scampers away and BMO throws flour on his face huffing heavily]
[BMO runs to the top of the Tree Fort holding "win" until he reaches the top]
[Short ends]