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"All's Well That Rats Swell"[2] is the first short episode that is part of the sixth season of Adventure Time.


BMO discovers a rogue rat in the Tree House's flour, and attempts to drive off the creature after Finn gets sick.


BMO wakes up in the morning to complete his routine of kissing eggs "good morning," watering plants, feeding a duck and picking a mustache hair off Finn while he still sleeps. BMO goes to the kitchen where he heads to the cupboard to throw the hair strand away. BMO gets furious when he discovers a rat feasting on flour in the cupboard. He prepares to beat the rat with a "thumb war" game to which the rat wins by biting BMO's thumbs. BMO screams in pain and wakes up Finn. BMO goes overs Finn's bed to ask him for a boo-boo kiss. Finn kisses the bite mark, however as a result, he gets terribly sick.

Jake feeding Finn soup

Jake has also woken up to feed Finn in bed soup with a swirly straw. BMO now feeling guilty goes to the kitchen. He opens the cupboard where he finds the rat again feasting on the flour. BMO furiously gets payback by punching the rat in the face and the rat flees into a hole. BMO covers himself in the flour as he lets out a battle-cry "I WIN!" He continues this shout as he runs to the top of the Tree Fort.


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  • It is revealed that BMO pulls the hairs from Finn's mustache in the morning to make Finn "forever young."
  • This short is a separate part of season 6 called Graybles Allsorts.
  • It is possible that this short could be one of Cuber's graybles due to the fact he's on the title card.
  • The title is a reference to William Shakespeare's "All's Well that Ends Well"

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  • The average age for facial hair for humans is around 15-16, which is around Finn's age. This episode gives the reason why Finn lacks facial hair due to the fact that BMO plucks it from his face in the morning while he sleeps.
    • BMO wants Finn to be "forever young" by doing so.

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