The Alien Messenger is one of the many Aliens that we see in the episode, "Orgalorg." Their role was to alter everyone that Orgalorg has broadcasted them a message.


Like all of the Unknown Alien Species, The Alien Messenger's design is very unique. They appear to have a long, green, and lumpy body that rests on a futuristic, mini transportation vehicle. They have small horn shaped limes all over their body, some are used for hands, and others appear to be just for show. They have no eyes or nose, but they have one big slime mouth in the center of their face.


The Alien Messenger appears to be very concerned yet demanding. They came to alert everyone of Orgalorg's broadcast as soon as they got word but were there quick to demand that everyone submit to him, as to not be possible destroyed.


  • The gender of this character is unspecified.


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