Albert is a giant bear Finn encounters in the Islands miniseries episode "Mysterious Island." Albert finds Finn trapped inside a net and continues to try and eat him until Alva, his owner, frees him. Albert lives under Alva's care inside of a tree where he suspends himself from a hammock. He makes a cameo appearance in the episode "The Light Cloud," when the scene shifts to the Weather Island inhabitants as Minerva attempts to upload everyone from the islands for their protection.


Albert is a very large bear colored gray on most of his body and white on his belly and face. He has a distinctive bright red nose, and when his mouth is open, very sharp and large teeth become visible. Like many animals on Weather Island, Albert wears booties on his "feet"; however, he wears them only on his hind paws. Albert walks on all fours, but he is able to sit upright and use his front limbs like arms.


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