The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Issue 6 is the sixth and final issue of the six part miniseries by BOOM! Studios starring the gender-swapped characters.  


The issue starts off with the tale of a water nymph, who saves a cat and is offered immortality. Refusing, the cat still goes on the dangerous quest to reward her (unbeknownst the nymph is following the cat). Before the cat is killed by falling stalactites, the nymph sacrifices her life to save the cat and ends up dying. The cat then grants the nymph immortality by giving her a special gem.


The main story line continues from the last issue with Fionna and Ice Queen still duking it out, along with Fionna's hair still ablaze (and FP is still trapped in ice). Fionna contemplates the current situation and what she should try to protect. Her final decision is to cut off her hair (much to cake's disappointment). Fionna and Cake are denied the chance to resolve the issue at hand and soon realize that a butt-kicking isn't enough to beat the Ice Queen. As the two are battling, Fionna asks Ice Queen why she hates her so much, causing a surprising answer. Eventually, Ice Queen takes the Crystal Salt Gem from FP's heart and starts to melt. As she it melting, she tells Fionna that, "There's so many strange magic in this world, be careful with it, Fionna," basically telling her to remember to be self reliant, and you can't always count on magic to solve your problems. After the battle, Fionna and Cake have a conversation into which the text of the comic fades into quacks from Gunter.


  • By the end of the book, it is believed that the Ice queen was the water Nymph from the beginning of the story, and that the cat that helped her was Cake.
  • It is unknown if Ice Queen had survived being melted
  • Since Gunter is telling the story, the lesson at the end is probably intended for Ice King more than Fionna
  • One of the drawings By Natasha further proves the theory of Ice Queen's origins.
  • In "Bad Little Boy," Cake does not like water. but in this comic, she was unaffected by the water.
  • When Ice Queen became the Water Nymph and the wind and waves formed, Fionna's ear was showing.




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