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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Issue 3 is the third issue of the six part miniseries by BOOM! Studios starring the gender-swapped characters.


Marshall Lee has shown up at Fionna and Cake's Tree Fort looking for help, much to Cake's contempt. He eventually convinces the ladies to help him when he tells of how "Boy's Night" had gone terribly wrong and how Prince Gumball is now trapped in a dungeon below his very own kitchen in the Candy Kingdom. Marshall Lee explains how Gumball found a map leading to treasure and the boys literally blew a huge hole right in the middle of Gumball's castle.

After going down the hole they find that the dungeon is filled with candy skeletons who attack them. However Fionna and Cake defeat them and find Gumball trapped in a giant piece of magic flan that hypnotizes people by reflecting their own beauty onto them. Cake turns into a spoon, which Fionna then uses to scoop Gumball free.

Gumball reveals that the reason why they didn't invite Fionna to "Boy's Night"  was because he had finally found the Ancient Enchanted Oven, a legendary artifact that can be used to create items that are magical, beautiful, and powerful. As he prepares the dough to make the item, he notices that the oven's pilot light is out. Luckily Flame Prince pops out Fionna's backpack and offers to help. As a thank you for all of the times that she has helped him, Gumball uses the oven to make Fionna a new sword with the ability to grant small wishes. Fionna, with sword in hand, wishes that she, Gumball, and Marshall Lee had matching "Boy's Night" t-shirts. Cake forces Fionna, Gumball, and Marshall to sit in her baby sling before they all leave the dungeon together.

Back-up story

Sour Candy

by Kate Leth. Lady Lemongrab, upset, goes to a Lemon Child and demands to know where they keep the "Fun Supplies" in the kingdom. The Lemon Child points to the "Fungeon." Lady Lemongrab uses the supplies in the Fungeon  to bake a cake. After ordering the Lemon citizens to the dungeon, Lady Lemongrab 2 appears unexpectedly. Lady Lemongrab and the Lemon citizens then begin celebrating Lady Lemongrab 2's birthday by the cake, that has icing written on it that reads "Happiest Lemon Day."



  • Prince Gumball putting Flame Prince into his oven is an idea originally from an online comic posted by Natasha on her Tumblr. [1]
  • Cake does a Grumpy cat face in page 2 panel 5.



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