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This article is about the Adventure Time books. You may be looking for the comic series.

Adventure Time Books[]

There are Various Adventure Time books that have been released over the years, from story books to cookbooks.

Story Books[]

Books centered on story telling.

Epic Tales from Adventure Time[]

Based on an idea from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward comes a series of epic fiction inspired by classic pulp adventure stories

Cover Description Release date
Queen of Rogues Queen of Rogues July 26, 2014
The Untamed Scoundrel The Untamed Scoundrel July 26, 2014
The Untamed Scoundrel.jpg The Lonesome Outlaw The third novel in the Epic Tales from Adventure Time series takes the adventure to the Wild West and stars Marceline as a notorious outlaw on the run. September 29, 2015
The Virtue of Ardor The Virtue of Ardor Join Flame Princess as she leaves her home for the city of Confectorium, a Candy Kingdom version of Ancient Rome June 28, 2016


Cover Description Release date
Tales from the Land of Ooo Tales from the Land of Ooo Tales from the Land of Ooo takes the reader on a unique journey into the world of Adventure Time in this 64-page collection of original, off-the-wall short stories featuring full-color illustrations and a flexi-bound cover. March 21, 2013
A Christmas-tastic Carol A Christmas-tastic Carol Adventure Time takes on Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol in this beautifully envisioned deluxe jacket picture book. October 16, 2014

Lore Books[]

Books with a large amount of lore.

Cover Description Release date
BMO's Character File BMO's Character File There are so many strange characters running around the land of Ooo that it's hard to keep track of them all. Luckily, little BMO secretly has been keeping this record, just for you! March 20, 2014
The Adventure Time Encyclopædia The Adventure Time Encyclopædia Explore the magical world of Ooo with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, along with the Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire Queen, and all your favorite Adventure Time characters. July 22, 2013
The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook Dive deeper into the secrets of Adventure Time with this mysterious mash-up of The Enchiridion (the ancient book for heroes, as featured in several key episodes of the series) and Marceline the Vampire Queen’s childhood diary.It's like having two books in one . . . because it is two books in one! October 6, 2015


Books that help as a guide in one or many ways.

Cover Description Release date
Righteous Rules for Being Awesome Righteous Rules for Being Awesome With Righteous Rules for Being Awesome, you no longer have to worry about being a smooth poser. This awesome guide to living life the Adventure Time way promises to make all who read it a lot more righteous and a heck of a lot less wrongteous. October 11, 2012
Get Your Lump On with Lumpy Space Princess Get Your Lump On with Lumpy Space Princess Everyone’s favorite purple glob takes us on a personal journey through all the romantic entanglements of the Land of Ooo in this bizarrely insightful guide to love. December 27, 2012
Destination Ooo Destination: Ooo This homage to travel guides serves as an all-in-one entry point into everything "Adventure Time." It features sections on all the show's popular characters and locations, its languagesNreal and inventedNits odd customs, and even its bizarre history and cuisine. Illustrations. June 27, 2013
Eating Ooo Eating Ooo (The Unofficial Cookbook) February 1, 2014
Adventure Time Crafts Adventure Time Crafts Adventure Time is more than just a cartoon and video game sensation-it's also a crafts phenomenon, which this first official project book brings home for creative, totally obsessed fans. October 7, 2014
Learn to Draw Adventure Time Learn to Draw Adventure Time This step-by-step drawing guide will help you master the art of Jake's bendy legs, Princess Bubblegum's perfect hair, the Ice King's dangerously-pointy nose, and more! June 23, 2015
9780843183443 Gunther's Glorious Prank Journal The notoriously evil penguin Gunter has created a potion that turns even the most innocent Candy Person into a wily prankster. Now mayhem is erupting all over Ooo, and nobody can stop it! This full-color interactive journal is full of fun, harmless pranks to play after school, on vacation, at home, or whenever Gunter's mischievous muse strikes. March 1, 2016
Hero Time with Finn and Jake Hero Time with Finn and Jake In this ultimate guide to the lives Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, Adventure Time's most epic duo provides all the instructions needed to rescue princesses, explore deadly dungeons, and save the world from unspeakable evil. June 7th 2016
The Official Cookbook Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook Grab your friends and get cooking in the land of Ooo with Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook, featuring recipes from all your favorite characters and kingdoms. November 30, 2016
How to Warrior How to Warrior Do you dream of going on an adventure but find yourself standing in your living room in a suit of armor with no idea what to do next? Unsure of which fighting moves to use against the hordes of bad guys attacking your town? Did you purchase the Smock of Invisibility but suspect that it’s actually a regular smock and everyone is just ignoring you? If so, thank globness you’ve picked up this handy adventure manual, written by professional adventurers Fionna the Human and Cake the Cat. October 4, 2016
Card Wars Official Guide Card Wars Official Guide Become the champion of the wildest card game in the Land of Ooo! Card Wars is a real-life strategy card game based on an episode of the hit show Adventure Time. October 25, 2016

Activity Books[]

Books in which the reader is meant to right/draw in.

Mad Libs[]

Cover Description Release date
Adventure Time mad libs Adventure Time Mad Libs Adventure Time Mad Libs is based on the popular Cartoon Network show starring Finn, a silly kid with an awesome hat, and his dog Jake! Our book features 21 hilarious stories set in the mystical Land of Ooo that are sure to keep you laughing! October 11, 2012
Fionna and Cake MadLibs Fionna and Cake Mad Libs It's a brand new Mad Libs from the Cartoon Network television show Adventure Time, this time based on the popular episode "Fionna and Cake." This Mad Libs is 48 pages with 21 original stories. June 27, 2013


Cover Description Release date
Atbook slamacow It's a Slamacowtastic Story Mix-Up What's more kick-butt than Adventure Time? Ice cream? Dancing with babies? How about an awesome sticker book . . . that you can doodle in? Get ahold of your brains because this sticker book contains 16 pages of pullout doodle pages and four pages of vinyl stickers. October 11, 2012
Atbook diy Dude-It-Yourself Adventure Journal Every adventurer needs a journal to keep track of their heroic deeds! Join Finn the Human, Jake the Dog and the magical inhabitants of the Land of Ooo in this mathematical book of adventuring activities. With awesome puzzles, quizzes, lists and journal pages to complete, this is the perfect book for any Adventure Time fan. October 11, 2012


Not yet sorted books, or books that don't fit the above categories.

Which Way, Dude?[]

There are so many things to do in the Land of Ooo that sometimes the characters need a little help.

Cover Description Release date
BMOs Day Out BMO's Day Out June 27, 2013
Jake Goes Bananas Jake Goes Bananas December 26, 2013
Lumpy Space Princess Saves the World Lumpy Space Princess Saves the World February 24, 2015

Episode Books[]

(May Not Be Fully Organized)

Cover Description Release date
Adventure Time Memories of Boom Boom Memories of Boom Boom August 1, 2014
Adventure Time The Duke The Duke August 1, 2014
Adventure Time Slumber Party Panic Slumber Party Panic May 1, 2014
Adventure Time It Came From The Nightosphere It Came From The Nightosphere May 1, 2014
Adventure Time The Wizard The Wizard May 1, 2015
Adventure Time Ocean of Fear Ocean of Fear May 1, 2015


(Listed by date)

Cover Description Release date
Get on the Mic Get on the Mic Full color pages with lyrics to many of the songs from the series. (Unofficial Description) June 27, 2013
What the What? What the What? This 208-page Adventure Time trivia books contains 300 awesome facts about Finn, Jake, and all the strange inhabitants of the Land of Ooo. September 26, 2013
Adventure Time The Vampire Queen The Vampire Queen
Adventure Time The Lich The Lich June 1, 2014
Art of Ooo Art of Ooo Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo is the first book to take fans behind the scenes of Finn the Human's and Jake the Dog's adventures in the post-apocalyptic, magical land of Ooo. October 14, 2014
Team Finn Joke Book Team Jake, Team Finn Joke Book September 1, 2014
Adventure Time and Philosophy Adventure Time and Philosophy Adventure Time and Philosophy is a chance to put down your broadsword, put your exhausted monster-slaying feet up, and try to figure out why you spend your time rescuing people in distress and fighting for justice. April 14, 2015
Friendship and Junk Friendship and Junk This little book celebrates all the things that make friendship awesome: dancing, hugging it out, going on adventures, or just chilling. February 28, 2017
Finn and Jake's Island Travelogue Finn and Jake's Island Travelogue August 29, 2017
The Enchiridion- Its Time to create your own Adventure The Enchiridion: Its Time to create your own Adventure!!! What time is it? Time to Overflow your imagination creating your own ADVENTURE !!! Replica of the cover book Use it as a JOURNAL / NOTEBOOK / DIARY / ... PERFECT Birthday / Christmas / Halloween / school ... GIFT !!! Any fan of the tv series will love this book. Guaranteed! 23 Mar. 2021