This page displays guidelines regarding the episode transcript articles. A list of all episode transcripts can be found here.

First of all, creating a transcript page and not contributing by adding content will be taken as spam, the article will be deleted until it can be properly created at a later date. This means no link from the Episode page to a non existent or incomplete Transcript page.

If the page has incomplete content, then tag with {{Stub}}.


Use following templates on transcript articles:


Use template Template:transcript at the top of each transcript article.

Use template Template:L (line) for content, this keeps things aligned and spaced. It also auto bolds names.


This is basically duplicating the content on the Episode page to the transcript page. The only difference are the reactions to the prev/next and status parameter. When adding a name to prev/next it automatically links to the next transcript. If unused then the text "Unavailable" displays.

| season = | broadcastno = 
| image = 
| prod = | airdate = 
| story = 
| writerstoryboard = 
| director = 
| previous = | next = 
| character =
| location =
| music =
| status = }}


Other parameters

Use the following parameter on transcript articles about their development. Since the parameter is flexible the message can be extended to "Complete, no more editing required." or "Incomplete, requires spell checks etc.

| status = Complete  OR  Incomplete 

| character = List character appearances, don't include "Snail" or extremely minor cameos unless they are significant.
| location = List notable locations that take place.
| music = List music heard. Unlike Episode article this is not to be done alphabetically.


To ease editing.

If you want to place the {{L}} template faster,

  1. Go to
  2. Click Label and under Static Label, type {{L|
  3. Click "left" item. 
  4. After that erase {{L| from the label and type }}
  5. Click the "right" item.
  6. Click Replace and replace "his" with a colon and "her" with a pipeline.
  7. Since some transcript still uses parentheses to show actions and emotions, change the colon with the left parenthesis and replace the pipeline with a left bracket. Press the Enter key.
  8. Then, replace the left parenthesis with a right parenthesis and replace the left bracket with a right bracket. Press "Enter" again.
  9. You may italicize the text between the brackets here or on the website itself.
  10. Copy and replace the original text in source mode formatting.
  11. Hyperlink respective terms to their pages.


Stage direction lines


{{L|[''description of what is going on'']}}


[a panning view of Lumpy Space]

Character lines


{{L|Character|What they say. [''actions/description of what is going on''] More words, etc.}}


[The episode begins with Finn and Jake in tall grass.]
Finn: Safety! [jumping out] Patrol!
Jake: Safety! [jumping out] Patrol! Safety patrol! Safety— Oh... Were we not wearing the uniforms?

The example used is from the episode "Donny".

Musical lines


{{L|Character|What they say. ♪What they sing.♪ More words, etc.}}


Party Pat: [Sings the first half of the Bears song] ♪Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! So turn up the music and we'll never leave!♪
Party Pat: [Sings the first half of the Bears song]

Notice on the second example there is no indicate of lyrics, and instead a linking to a song's page. This can work if a song is considered too lengthy to be presented on the transcript. It may be viewed as disrupting the flow of the page.
The example used is from the episode "Belly of the Beast".

Lines with yelling or screaming


{{L|Character|What they say. [''screaming''] What they screamed. [''normal voice''] More words, etc.}}

Screams and other sounds can be replaced with appropriate words. Example, in the case of "AAAHHH!!!" with [screaming] // "AH HA HA!" with [laughing] // "ahahaurpderp!" with [gibberish].


These are three examples where a character is raising their voice. The E1 shows the line in raw form, the alternate example is proper casing and simply indicating that the character is yelling. Next is E2 which shows a mixed example and actions. Last is E3 which indicates the character is saying something loudly by exclamation instead of breaking the line into actions.

Ice King: [yells] Play it or I'll squish you into juice!

From episode "Prisoners of Love".

Peppermint Butler: Behold: a plate of mashed carrots, flavor-[screaming hysterically in pain] [A drop of spicy serum fell into his eye]
Peppermint Butler: Behold: a plate of mashed carrots, flavor-AAARGH! [screaming hysterically in pain] [A drop of spicy serum fell into his eye]
Princess Bubblegum: Shoot!
[Peppermint Butler looks upward to see the princess and Finn who shushes]
Peppermint Butler: [continues screaming; throws tray lid aside]
Earl of Lemongrab: [screaming] STOP SCREAMING!!! WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING?!
Peppermint Butler: Because I'm excited by this meal I made! [rubs eye]

From episode "Too Young".

Marceline: It's too late! Stay away from me, FOREVVVEEERRRR!!!! [the portal closes]

From episode "Return to the Nightosphere".

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