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Dec-Jan 2015

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New Episodes
Oh my Grob Gob Glob Grod, ALPHANUMERIC! We have thirteen new episodes to talk about in this Ooo Review! Half of them were the amazing miniseries Stakes but still! First up this seventh season was the great "Bonnie and Neddy" episode about Bonnie and her... twin brother, Neddy. Neddy is a bubblegum dragon with social anxiety issues but he sucks the sap from the candy tree at the center of the Candy Kingdom and... exudes a sap juice that is apparently the lifeblood of the entire kingdom! Which the princess KOO finds out about and quickly starts thinking up how to stop its free production and how to sell it but he scares away Neddy which then stops the lifeblood of the Candy Kingdom. Finn and Jake race over to Bonnie who returns Neddy and safeguards the entrance.

S07e7 marcy young

In "Varmints" we see Bonnie focusing on guarding her genetically engineered crops from varmints, but she seems to be taking it a little too seriously. Marceline comes by and helps out a bit and while fighting the massive mother varmint with Bonnie they make some realizations that Bonnie has been hiding from herself, mainly that she is upset that her kingdom abandoned her in favor of a wax idol.

S7e7marcy kills the fool

"Cherry Cream Soda" is about, Cherry Cream Soda. The widow of Root Beer Guy and apparently the new wife of Starchy. Starchy was tired of Cherry's constant grieving and the dead remains of Root Beer Guy being in their home so he told Cherry to bury Root Beer Guy already. Reminiscing how they met and... where they were born at the same time, Cherry decided to bury Root Beet Guy at that location where Bonnie apparently created a lot of drink-themed candy people at a malt shop sort of place but is now long gone. Lightning struck the dirt where Root Beer Guy's remains was buried in the dirt where life was made quite a lot, this brought Root Beer Guy back to life but as dirt in the mason jar he was buried in. The now, Dirt Beer Guy, went back home and was upset that Cherry remarried, which had Starchy and Cherry frightened that the undead monster was in their home. Starchy and Dirt Beer Guy fought a lot over Cherry but Cherry decided to go back with Dirt Beer Guy, at least just for a date. Whether or not Dirt Beer Guy gets his job back as the chief of the banana force is unknown.

S7e7 marcy sees tribe

In "Mama Said," the princess KOO spots a flying mushroom and declares that sitting atop one would be not only cool but also make people appreciate him more and demands that Finn and Jake go fetch one for him. Finn and Jake race off but are unsuccessful, but find Canyon and hang out with her for a while. Then they find a flying mushroom but it is EVIL! SO they slay it and bring the princess KOO a mushroom pizza instead. The princess KOO fires Finn and Jake and then sits on the pizza anyways and asks to be pushed by a Banana Guard. This propels him down some stairs and one of the Banana Guards breaks into song.

Adventure Time - Mama Said -Song-

Adventure Time - Mama Said -Song-

"Football (episode)" brings the return of Football, BMO's... alternate personality? Or this episode shows the possibility that Football is a real entity trapped in a mirror world of darkness and despair because BMO and Football trade places and BMO finds the mirror world is very small and very empty. Due to this Football doesn't want to trade back and BMO starts haunting Football on every reflective surface until Football falls into a very reflective lake which causes them to switch back but Football is happy in the reflection of the lake because there is mirror outside than there was in the bathroom. Again though, whether or not Football is a real entity is uncertain.

S7e7 marcy with tribe

"Marceline The Vampire Queen (episode)" is the start of the great Stakes miniseries, and starts off with Marceline trapped in the sunlight and unable to reach her umbrella. Fearing the sun's rays from melting her flesh and burning her alive, Marceline is not in a very happy mood and apparently rips off a part of the tree she was hiding under and carries it above her to break into Bonnie's house to hide. Marceline pretends the destruction of Bonnie's house was just a joke and asks Bonnie to use the vampire cure she apparently had prepared in the past. The cure projected a dark vampire goo from Marceline which Bonnie had thrown into a bucket. The next night a cow was attacked, a vampire bite! The villagers called on Finn and Jake to slay Marceline and they asked Marceline why she would do that. Being chummy with a vampire caused the villagers to fear and capture Marceline and strung her up as the morning sun was rising to torture her a little before she horribly melted to death. But, she didn't die, she was cured! Then who was the vampire that attacked the cow...?

Up a Tree I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

Up a Tree I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

"Everything Stays" is the second episode of the Stakes miniseries and was mostly about Marceline's childhood after Simon left her due to his insanity. She was a vampire hunter and protected the few remaining humans who were living as nomads and singing old television theme songs to remember their past culture. But also it is revealed that the vampires of her past that she ate the souls of, were brought back to life when Marceline was cured of her vampirism.

Adventure Time Stakes! Part 2 - According To Our New Arrival -Song-

Adventure Time Stakes! Part 2 - According To Our New Arrival -Song-

In "Vamps About," we continue the Stakes miniseries with Marceline hunting down the vampires of her past, gaining her powers back with each vampire soul she eats. The Vampire King tries to reason with Marceline, saying that he only eats animals now like normal people do, though the animal he was seen eating was a fully sentient and fully confused cow and regardless of that Marceline was very vengeful of VK due to all the deaths he and his kind caused. So VK mentioned that the Empress was heading over to mess with Simon and this got Marceline gone fast as she raced to the rescue of her old father figure.

Boy Blood I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

Boy Blood I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

"The Empress Eyes" featured the Empress with her apparent mind control abilities controlling Simon! Apparently. She demands human blood but Simon only knows of one human and races off to get Finn for her. Marceline rescues Finn and her and Finn try to rescue Simon but apparently his mind is too far gone to be controlled and he doesn't really need rescuing so Marceline eats the soul of the Empress and gains more powers.

The Vampire King's Offer I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

The Vampire King's Offer I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

"May I Come In?" is about the Hierophant, a vampire of ancient beliefs and traditions. One of these is that vampires may not enter a home without permission, Peppermint Butler finds this out and relays it to Jake who quickly becomes a house so the Hierophant is unable to enter him to get to the human, Finn, inside. Marceline makes short work of him and eats his soul to regain shapeshifting but Marceline gets poisoned.

S7e7 Marceline and Bunny Girl

In "Take Her Back," Finn and Jake find the Moon and lure her to the unconscious Marceline and the worried Bonnie. Somehow though they were able to overtake the Moon and when Marceline ate her soul she was able to regain her healing abilities and healed away the poison from the last episode.

Fighting the Dark Cloud I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

Fighting the Dark Cloud I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

In "Checkmate," we see the Marceline rushing to kill the Vampire King but VK submits and asks to be cured. Bonni cures him and he reverts back to his original form, which... was a lion? The VK lion walks away but Bonnie put VK's vampire goop in the same bucket which Peppermint Butler spills and that creates a horrible sheep-like cloud of vampiric fog with the VK's face.

Marcy Gives Up I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

Marcy Gives Up I Adventure Time I Cartoon Network

In "The Dark Cloud," Marceline is realizing that she has no control and is unable to do anything tight so Finn, Jake, and Bonnie try to defeat the vampire goop cloud but it is a cloud and stabbing it does nothing. Marceline realizes what she must do and sucks the cloud up in her soul eating manner but in the process of this the cloud somehow bites and infects Marceline as it is consumed by her, making her a vampire again. Everything stays.

S7e7 boat

Unaired Episodes
After the week of short episodes we can expect full-length episodes again starting with "The More You Moe, The Moe You Know" is the special two part episode about BMO's birthday party and a special guest arriving for it, perhaps Moe, BMO's father?

Adventure Time - The More You Moe Half-Hour Christmas Special (Short Promo)

Adventure Time - The More You Moe Half-Hour Christmas Special (Short Promo)

"Bad Jubies" seems to be a karma-based episode but with deadly weather coming to DESTROY the entire Grasslands?! They mention trying to build a shelter but they definitely do not have time, perhaps they will seek refuge with the hyoomans?

Bad Jubies I Adventure Time I San Diego Comic Con I Cartoon Network

Bad Jubies I Adventure Time I San Diego Comic Con I Cartoon Network

"Angel Face" has not much known about it yet but is another upcoming episode, perhaps it is a return of the dreaded Guardian Angel character? Or maybe Space Angel Princess will finally get more featured in this episode!!!?!

S7e7 vamp bite

Adventure Time - It Came From the Nightosphere (DVD promo)

Adventure Time - It Came From the Nightosphere (DVD promo)

It Came from the Nightosphere! This DVD includes the Emmy nominated episode: It Came from the Nightosphere, and 15 other random adventures!

S7e7 Marceline playing ax bass

Adventure Time Game Wizard
Adventure Time Game Wizard Tips and Tricks BMO I Cartoon Network

Adventure Time Game Wizard Tips and Tricks BMO I Cartoon Network

In honor of the upcoming BMO holiday special, check out this tips and tricks video about using BMO for the Adventure Time Game Wizard game!
Editor's Choices!

Adventure Time - The Return Of Root Beer Guy (Clip) Cherry Cream Soda

Adventure Time - The Return Of Root Beer Guy (Clip) Cherry Cream Soda

Adventure Time - Mama Said -Song-

Adventure Time - Mama Said -Song-

Somebody I Used To Know - Finn The Human & Princess Bubble Gum

Somebody I Used To Know - Finn The Human & Princess Bubble Gum

This month your Ooo Review editor has chosen a few fun Adventure Time Videos! To suggest your own fan video for the Ooo Review's next issue, email your suggestions with, "Ooo Review" as the subject.

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In "The Light Cloud," Finn reconciles with his mother and heads back to Ooo.


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Marceline's Song written by Rebecca Sugar

Marceline's Song written by Rebecca Sugar

Marceline writes about her neglectful father who has hurt her too many times, but not enough for her to stop loving him.

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