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• March 12, 2016 - Reporting bad content in Discussions and using it to grow your community - Some new features are now live in Discussions, plus tips on how you can use Discussions for your community!

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• October 17, 2015 - Share your favorite heroic moment from Adventure Time to enter The Enchiridion Giveaway and compete for some awesome prizes!

• July 18, 2015 - Issue 20 of the Ooo Review has been released for viewing!

• July 12, 2015 - Check out Wikia's interview with the Adventure Time cast and crew at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 here!

• April 30, 2015 - 10 of the weirdest Adventure Time moments have been selected! See the full list here!

• April 30, 2015 - Oh my Glob, you guys! So many weird moments happened in Adventure Time, and Wikia is looking for the best ones! Submit your favorites here!

• March 17, 2015 - Enter Wikia's Adventure Time Giveaway to win some awesome prizes!

• February 23, 2015- We did it! Adventure Time Wikia has officially received its own Wikia Community App! Download it on your Apple and Android device!

• Jan 17, 2015 - Share YOUR fan-fav method of saving the day! Be sure to post here to let them know your fan-favorite abilities of your favorite characters! Could it be Jake's Stretchy Powers or maybe Princess Bubblegum's intelligent mind or even something else!

• Apr 21, 2014 - Show your fandom is the best! - Official rules

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May the best fandom win. (By that I mean Adventure Time!)

• Apr 21, 2014 - You voted and decided that THE ultimate Adventure Time meal is composed of the everything burrito, crystal gem apple, BMO's hot chocolate, Finn Cakes, and Cinnamon Bun! See more here!

• Apr 8, 2014 - Join in on the Food Fiction food fight! Choose your most favorite Adventure Time meal!

• Jul 7, 2013 - Adventure Time is nominated for best animated show for the Teen Choice Awards!!! Click here to show your support and Vote for Adventure Time!

• Jun 28, 2013 - Upcoming Changes - This wiki has been flagged as falling into that category, and staff wanted to let you know about it. While staff knows Adventure Time has many fans of all ages, it can also be especially appealing to the younger demographic for purposes of the newly revised Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
Semanticdrifter/Updates to COPPA.

• May 29, 2013 - About transcript pages (April 23rd)

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