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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time Vol. 2: Pixel Princesses is the second graphic novel in the Adventure Time series. It is written by Danielle Corsetto and drawn by Zack Sterling.


All LSP wants is a night to hang with her friends, but when things don't go as planned she finds herself questioning what it really means to be a princess. With a misplaced wish and a lot of battle training, LSP, Embryo Princess, Breakfast Princess, Muscle Princess, and Turtle Princess find themselves on an adventure that none of them signed up for. Written by the acclaimed webcomic cartoonist Danielle Corsetto [GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS], and illustrated by the super-talented Zack Sterling [BRAVEST WARRIORS, ADVENTURE TIME]. It's time to join your favourite princesses in a journey of self-discovery and true friendship!


Lumpy Space Princess was rushing through the woods and arrives in front of the abandoned barber shop. As she enters the abandoned shop, a surprise party has been held by Breakfast Princess, Muscle Princess, Embryo Princess, Skeleton Princess, and Turtle Princess. LSP acted being overjoyed by the surprise as she knew about it since it was according to her plan, although disappointed that the food provided was not hot wings but hot things which are peppers. LSP revealed that the party was supposed to be an all-princess party, and Turtle Princess have sent the invitation notice to the entire princesses before then, but LSP was a lot more disappointed that only five of them have appeared to the party, not even Princess Bubblegum came while she was working on some kind of a scientific project that would change the molecular structure of everything in the universe. LSP questioned the other five whether they wanted to come to the party or not, which Breakfast Princess came to the party due to losing by her sister Toast Princess by pulling straws. Muscle Princess came just for taking proteins, Embryo Princess came according to the tarot cards even she didn't want to come, and Skeleton Princess just moaned either she wanted to come or not. Turtle Princess, of course, wanted to come to her best friend's party, which LSP understood her. As she became a lot more disappointed and desperate, she decides to pull out the princess gem from her head as she wanted to quit being a princess, and threw it out of the window.

Meanwhile, BMO was sitting outside near the abandoned barber shop, crying that he wasn't invited to the party because he's not a princess. But as he saw the princess gem thrown away by LSP, mistakenly seeing it as a shooting star, he accidentally wishes for the princess to go inside of himself in order to become a princess. After he made his wish, Magic Man, who was in his tent hidden behind the bush where BMO standing, uses his magic to grant his wish, transporting the six princesses into the unknown room where furniture and other materials were thrown towards the princesses. Muscle Princess immediately grabs four princess and climb on the ladder for safety, while LSP was busy trying to get the bouncing can opener and door knob. Muscle Princess immediately grabs the desperate LSP to safety, and realizes of the culprit who's been throwing stuffs at them, who was mysterious giant and muscular French maid. As the princesses rushed to the roof top, Muscle Princess decides to take care of the mad French maid by herself. As the French maid threw pigeons at her, Muscle Princess immediately grabs them and threw it back at her enemy, which resulted getting hit by it's droppings. Muscle Princess quickly head locks her, forcing her to give up, and as she say uncle, the mad maid disappeared as the entire background turned black. Muscle Princess looked up and saw a mysterious pixel message typed as "Congratulations! You've saved the princess!" and saw her own pixeled version of herself. She became a little confused as that pixel mirage disappeared, and saw BMO's enlarged face from above. BMO explains that he made a wish to bring the princesses inside himself, so he could understand what it is takes to become a princess. Breakfast Princess confronts him that he can't become a princess, but BMO says that Finn said that BMO can become anything he wants to be if he tries harder, and questions her that is Finn a liar. As she answered "yup" to him, BMO became shocked and disappeared in disappointment, which Muscle Princess blamed her for breaking his feelings.

They later transported to the next stage, equipped with gladiator armors and swords, taking place into a dungeon where enemy gladiators began to evade against the princesses. LSP stabbed one of the enemy soldiers, and as the enemy disappeared by its damage, LSP realizes and tries to inform the other princess that this stage is super easy to clear. But before she could inform the others, she was stabbed by another enemy and disappeared in defeat. The princesses shrieked in fear and tried to retreat, but couldn't due to the action game's classical scrolling system. Breakfast Princess shouted out to pause for once, which made the entire stage "pause" including the raiding enemies. During this paused moment, Breakfast Princess tries to call BMO for instruction manual, but didn't answer believing that he's mad at her. She then does the keyboard typing gesture and tries to access the files for instruction, but it was denied. However, Muscle Princess found a loot bag and starts searching it, which there was screwdriver, megaphone, banana muffin, and a spatula inside. Breakfast Princess came up an idea and uses the spatula to make tons of pancake towers within ten minutes. Turtle Princess questions where did she get the ingredients, but she didn't answer since it was Breakfast Kingdom's secret. She then unpaused the game and uses the megaphone to inform the enemy soldiers to have free pancakes. As the soldiers starts eating the pancakes, she tells that she used Canadian syrup, which made the entire enemy's head explode to death in happiness. After all enemy soldiers were killed by the pancake, Breakfast Princess picked up the flag at the goal, and the armors disappeared and the background turned black, as she saw the "Congratulations! You've saved the princess!" message in front of her. She then looked back and saw her pixel version of herself, and wondered about the main goal of this video game.

As the remained princesses arrived to the next stage, LSP has came out from a ripped digital space with a mysterious pixeled rash on her arm. After they were reunited, Embryo Princess informed them to follow the road that may lead to somewhere, which made Muscle Princess bored. However, a monster plant has appeared and starts shooting fireballs out from its mouth, but LSP defeated the monster with a single punch. Later, a cute chick-like monster has appeared in front of Turtle Princess, and as she touched them, she shrunk into a bite-size body. Breakfast Princess struggled with the mosquito-like monsters, and all princess decided to run away from the beautiful but dangerous monsters. While running, they found a hole and went through for cover, but Muscle Princess head was stuck due to her muscular body. But as she touched the chick monster nearby, she shrunk and successfully dived into the hole. The princesses then arrived to a mysterious dungeon with a split route of 1 and 2, but LSP went through the number 2 route as she was instructed by the jewels, and the other princesses just followed her to bring her back. But as they entered a room with a huge gem placed on the center, the large metallic door shut the entrance, trapping the princesses inside. However, they found a door without a knob, and LSP used the knob that she picked up back at the first stage, which she successfully opened the door which only Embryo Princess can go pass through it. As she entered the next room, she encounters a frog merchandiser. As he guesses that there's someone selfish in her party, he recommends her to buy his items that will solve the problem, but only one is the real item. However, Embryo Princess starts questioning as she suspects him, guessing that his main goal is to take her profit and force her to choose the wrong item. She continues to question the frog deeper and harder, which this made him hesitating and feared. Due to this effort, Embryo Princess has obtained a cheat code from the frog, which she must stomp on the turtle shell for 500 times. She then stomps on Turtle Princess's shell 500 times, and obtains a star that came from her. As she gets the star, the same message came out again, and saw her pixel version of herself. After they cleared the stage, they start to guess that their main goal of finishing the game is to collect their pixel versions of themselves. BMO then appeared above them once again, and apologized for abandoning them because he was bummed. The princesses questioned him that their main goal is to collect the princesses, but BMO wasn't confident because he has lost the instructions. However, he warned the princesses to hurry because his batteries are dying out, and although he wasn't perfectly sure, he said the princesses might get stuck inside him forever if the battery dies out. BMO then disappears again, and although the princesses understood the main goal of finishing the game, Breakfast Princess became desperate about the consequences.

The princesses arrived to the next stage, which it takes place in a forest with some fruits hanging, and a sword stabbed onto the stub, surrounded by cute animals. The princesses were adored by the animals' appearance, but one of the animal bitten Turtle Princess's hand as she tried to pet it. The animals turned into evil monsters, and the princesses shrieked in fear, but notices that LSP was eating the fruits from the tree. They've also noticed that the animals calms down while LSP keeps eating the fruit, so they decided to use that chance to kill the animals with the sword. However, the princesses hesitated that they can't kill them due to its cuteness, but Skeleton Princess volunteered to do it since she's emotionless. She then slaughters all the animals with the sword, which made the other princesses shocked in fear. After the blood covered Skeleton Princess killed all the animals, she returned the sword back onto the stub, and saw the same message of completing the stage, and her pixel version of herself, which she turned back as she didn't cared about it though. LSP became more lumpy after she ate all the fruits.

The princesses arrived to the next stage where many isolated space ships were parked around. Breakfast Princess calls it "space planes," while Embryo Princess calls it "star fighters," but LSP mistakenly calls it a "bumper car" and starts riding one of them while she drops the lumps out from her body. She then crashes into the space ships, leaving the entire ships demolished. This made Breakfast Princess lose her mind and angrily yells at her for causing trouble. She also mentioned that LSP's no longer a princess since she discarded the princess gem, so she decided to abandon her out of the party. As they wonder what they should do since the entire space ships are destroyed by LSP, Muscle Princess pulled out the screw driver that she got from the loot bag back at the second stage. As she used it, she fixed and turned one destroyed space ship into a fancy new one. They also chose Turtle Princess to become a fighter pilot since she haven't won a game yet, but hesitated that she's not an action girl but more of a quiet slice-of-life romance girl. But as they forced her to wear the helmet and ride on the space ship, the pixeled bug-like enemies appeared from the skies, and the ship automatically flew towards them. Turtle Princess starts pressing any buttons as she panicked, and shot missiles which took many enemies down. As she was relieved, BMO appeared on the cockpit screen that he'll assist her as a co-pilot further on, wearing sunglasses and a wig as he becomes "Danger Mommy." As they both worked together by defeating the entire enemy units, Turtle Princess successfully completes the stage with the same message shown on sight, alongside of her pixel version of herself. However, she wonders where LSP go.

Meanwhile, LSP was alone on a pixeled mountains, mumbling about the previous argument with Breakfast Princess. BMO appeared once again below her, that he understands how it feels of not being a princess. He then asks is having a princess gem really all it takes to become a princess, but LSP doesn't know since it is complicated. He then pushes her that is she a princess, and this made LSP more confident that she is a princess. BMO once again wore the "Danger Mommy" outfit, telling her to go back to her party and act like a princess. LSP used the pixel ability to stretch her butt and relocate the other princesses. She then pulled back by the pixel's force and arrived to another stage.

LSP has arrived to the game's final stage, where it takes place in a tidy and tall realm where various shaped blocks slowly falls above the panicking princesses. LSP realizes that this is a puzzle game, and she's good at it. Breakfast Princess, while being crushed by the blocks, tells her to stay away until she causes trouble again. However, as she connects the entire blocks to make it disappear and free the trapped princesses, she starts explaining that Breakfast Princess was looking only on the wrong things rather than the right things that she did, such as how she protected everybody by defeating the fireball flower, and using the doorknob to open the door back at the third stage, and eating the fruits to calm the monster animals back at the fourth stage. But even though she mentioned Breakfast Princess being disrespectful that she still yelled at her and never apologized for misunderstanding her actions, which Breakfast Princess became shameful and finally understood her mistakes. She then apologizes to LSP and tells her to leave her behind, but LSP refuses and saves her, answering that she did all that so the princesses would stick together. As she connected the last block, the whole blocks disappeared and cleared the stage, showing the same message alongside with LSP's pixel version of herself. However, this time the message was typed in as "Congratulations! You've saved the princesses," which means they saved another princess. They looked down and saw a pixel version of BMO, but wearing a princess crown as his wish became true.

Back at the real world, BMO was charging himself so he wouldn't kill anyone, and the princesses have returned safely as the game cartridge ejected. He then tried to leave since not a princess in real life, but the princesses built a princess crown made out of chips for BMO which symbolizes that he is a princess. Later, Princess Bubblegum arrived in a surprise alongside with Wildberry Princess, Slime Princess, Hot Dog Princess, Raggedy Princess, and Peanut Princess, which they were gathered at Candy Kingdom as they were mistaken that the party was held there. PB also found LSP's now filthy princess gem outside and returned to her, as LSP placed it back into her head although it was covered with mud and twigs. As every princess was gathered, the all-princess party begun along with a now-princess BMO.


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  • Danielle Corsetto originally pitched this graphic novel as "Pixel Pups," a story centering around Jake and Lady Rainicorn's puppies. However, the script conflicted with the continuity established by then-upcoming episodes and Cartoon Network requested a rewrite.[1]
  • Some video games introduced in the comic are parodized version of the actual games, such as the third stage represents the combination of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, while the fifth stage represents the combination of Galaga and Star Fox, and the sixth and final stage represents Tetris
  • This is the first time for Breakfast Princess, Muscle Princess, Embryo Princess, Skeleton Princess, and Turtle Princess to become a main protagonist alongside with Lumpy Space Princess, although Breakfast Princess only appeared once in the TV show, while the other princesses had least roles.
  • Lumpy Space Princess is an expert on puzzle games.
  • Skeleton Princess is not mentioned on the back cover's synopsis.