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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time Vol. 1: Playing With Fire is the first graphic novel in the Adventure Time series. It is written by Danielle Corsetto and drawn by Zachary Sterling.


The fun will never end in the ADVENTURE TIME gang's very first pocket-sized original graphic novel! When Finn's soul is kidnapped by a fortune-telling pal-tricking dragon, it is up to Flame Princess and Jake get their buddy back! But can Flame Princess cool off long enough to make it through the travails and traps that stand in their way? Join your favorite characters on a quest exploring love, friendship, and the journey to figure out who you are, and who you want to be.

Written by acclaimed cartoonist Danielle Corsetto (GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS) and drawn by rising star Zack Sterling (BRAVEST WARRIORS, ADVENTURE TIME), “Playing With Fire” was released in stores on May 15th, 2013. The first ADVENTURE TIME original graphic novel is presented in a pocket black and white edition appealing to fans of SCOTT PILGRIM and Japanese manga!


Finn and Jake are in the tree fort talking about how they like pies. Neptr suddenly busts in the conversation, and Finn decides to call Flame Princess. Flame Princess arrives, and Finn says that they should play "Never have I ever." Finn takes the first turn and says that he has never lost in a game of Sword and The Slurf game. Flame Princess then asks what's the Sword and The Slurf game, and Finn tells her that it is a game at the Carnival Kingdom. Flame Princess then asks where the Carnival Kingdom is, so Finn and Jake take her there.

Finn plays the Sword and The Slurf game and he wins a long-neck stuff toy for Flame Princess. Flame Princess then attempts the game; she loses, which causes her to burn most of the carnival. Flame Princess then goes to a fortune teller who tells her that she will lose something very valuable. Something subsequently grabs Finn from the darkness. The fortune teller packs his stuff, flies away, and hides on a tall mountain. Flame Princess and Jake notice Finn is missing.

Jake and Flame Princess run to the mountain and see a garden of trees with orbs sticking them. Flame Princess grabs the orb that contains Finn and saves him. The fortune teller tells them to take Finn, for he has no use for it anymore. The Finn they rescued is extremely small and is shown to be lazy and apathetic. Flame Princess then says that Finn's soul is missing and she has to retrieve it. Jake then stuffs tiny Finn in his pocket and runs after Flame Princess, who has already reached a puzzle cave.

Flame Princess and Jake try to solve the puzzle, but they find it impossible to figure out. Flame Princess starts to blast from one puzzle to the other much to Jake's frustration. They eventually reach a puzzle involving a lake, and Flame Princess finds she cannot solve it. Jake dives into the lake in search of a solution, and is surprised when Flame Princess jumps into the lake as well. He tries to save her but fails, and Flame Princess sinks to the bottom.  Flame Princess wakes up in her room at the Fire Kingdom and is greeted by his father. Flame King says that she ended up at the Fire Kingdom due to her willpower. Flame Princess then witnesses Flame King persecuting his subjects.

Flame Princess suddenly wakes up on a desolate island. She builds a sand castle and goes inside it. She then meets Choose Goose inside and they find out that they are inside a room full of small doors. Using a key that Choose Goose found, Flame Princess attempts to open the door, but none would open. She then notices a keyhole at Choose Goose's head and sticks the key in it. She is then led to a room full of orbs containing souls. She locates Finn's soul and frees it. Jake and Finn are then teleported to Flame Princess, who proceeds to kiss Finn.

The fortune teller then arrives and tells the trio that the reason he steals souls is because he can feel love as people tries to retrieve the souls. Now that he knows how to love, he has no use for souls anymore. He gives Finn a sword, Jake a pair of 'car shoes' and FP a long-neck stuff toy. The fortune teller then tells the trio to return all the stolen souls. After they have returned all the souls, the trio camps out. As they sleep, Flame Princess is uneasy about whether she really can be considered a hero. She approaches a river, sits at the bank, and looks at her reflection. The reflection ripples and changes into Flame King, who attempts to convince Flame Princess that it is better to be evil. The trio then hear screams from a burning village. Flame Princess pretends to be asleep as Finn and Jake rush toward the village in peril.



  • It is revealed that Flame Princess loves cotton candy.
  • Flame King is still convincing Flame Princess that Fire Elementals are evil and that she should stop thinking she could be anything else.
  • This comic takes place between "Ignition Point" and "Frost & Fire", as Flame King is still hounding Flame Princess and Finn and Flame Princess are still dating. In addition the novel was released 3 months before "Frost & Fire" officially released on August 5, 2013.
  • This Graphic Novel won the Harvey Award for Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers.[1]


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