The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time Season 11 is a spin-off series of the Adventure Time comic book.


The non-canonical continuation of Adventure Time after the season finale, "Come Along With Me." The story picks up right after the finale episode. 


Issue 1

After the Great Gum War, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline contemplate over the Candy Kingdom together, and PB says that she is making adjustments to the Candy Kingdom after GOLB has wrecked it. Simon Petrikov also joins them. Finn and Jake are shown collecting artifacts from their destroyed Tree Fort, getting old possessions of theirs for memories sake. BMO then shuts down with a portal opening before Finn and Jake, and a voice tells them that if they want to "save their friend", they must enter the portal. Finn and Jake enter the portal, which takes them 1,000 years later in the future. As the portal opens, PB is aware of the situation because one of her detectors identified the portal as "unauthorized".

Finn and Jake find Marceline, who has dyed her hair pink and has become an empress for the future Land of Ooo. As she sees them, Marceline greets Finn and Jake with happiness, since it has been about 1,000 years since she saw them. Over the millennium, Marceline has spent centuries to learn every skills she could, and BMO became her long term companion before breaking down a long time ago, while Marceline completely forgets about Princess Bubblegum. She then used his parts to make three new robots, Bartholomew, Mingus, and Orange Juice, as her new companions and protectors of the Land of Ooo. Finn and Jake are unsettled by what happens to future Marceline, and just as they start to contemplate if Marceline is the "friend" that they have to save, another portal sucks them in, leaving future Marceline in confusion. As they leaves, Bartholomew, Mingus, and Orange Juice are back from finding an ancient treasure for Marceline.

Issue 2

While a big party is held outside, Princess Bubblegum attempts to check on inactive BMO, with the current Marceline and Simon going back to the Tree Fort, to know Finn and Jake's whereabouts.

The portal brings Finn and Jake to the Nightosphere, where Hunson Abadeer is waiting. Hunson reveals that he made the portals because he's worried about his daughter, and he shows a scene about what she's faced with: Bartholomew, with other two robots, shows Marceline an ancient cup they got, along with other objects found nearby. As Marceline looks at it and tries to recall her specific memory - a party held with Finn, Jake, PB and others - she fails and the memory is purged. After the display, Hunson asks Finn to find more artifacts to help Marceline, which Finn and Jake agree. Meanwhile, the robots carry the artifacts to the Vault of Memory in the castle, guarded by Captain Longfellow. Bartholomew asks Captain Longfellow to double the guard shifts, because the artifacts keep missing.

As she and Simon arrive the Tree House ruins, the current Marceline senses the portal was made by magic from her father. Back to the future, Finn is hired by the farmer who found the ancient cup, and he found a pocketknife - the one that was used by Simon in the past (from the episode "Simon and Marcy"). Jake, on the other hand, finds Smash Berries in a tavern and gets a piece of paper with an ax drawn on it. Finn and Jake then visit the castle and Captain Longfellow asks them to put the objects into the vault. As they notice many artifacts in the vault are missing, they find malfunctioning BMO, who is rushing swiftly, trying to run away.

Issue 3

Back to Princess Bubblegum's castle, the current Marceline is outraged by Hunson's interference.

In the future of 1,000 years later, Jake decides to stretch into the vent, after a fleeing BMO, and Finn goes back to find Marceline. At first he's stopped by the robots, and Marceline explains that they just can't learn manners. Finn shows her the spoon he found, but as she thinks about it, while the robots' eyes shine again, the memory (as seen in "Simon and Marcy") is again erased. Marceline is frustrated that this keeps happening, so she goes out with Finn.

In the Nightosphere, the current Marceline confronts her father about the disappearance of Finn and Jake. Hunson replies that it was not exactly him, but one of his future selves a thousand years later, who can conveniently communicate with other counterparts in the Nightosphere, and he can send her, with PB and Simon, to the future to deal with it.

To the other side of the vent, Jake reaches BMO, who explains that his memory often glitches over a millennium, which would make him desperately want to steal Marceline's collections. As he tries to answer Jake of PB's whereabouts, BMO glitches again. Finn explains to Empress Marceline that he's sent by Hunson to help her, while PB, current Marceline, and Simon join them through the portal. They try to help Empress Marceline to remember, but more memories (flashbacks from "Go With Me," "Varmints," and "What Was Missing") vanish. Just then, the robots break in, claiming that they detected "intruders" and starting to attack.

Issue 4

The gang fights back from the robots, who want to "protect" their empress. After some failed defence from her eletcro-weapons, PB realizes that the robots aren't really mechanic, so she and Finn with the current Marceline disassemble them from the seams, revealing the creatures hiding beneath the armor. After the robotic armor is destroyed, Empress Marceline retrieves her memories, and she realized that she didn't create the robots, and the future Bubblegum, who is confused by the mess after she just left for 100 years, is right back.

As more memories come back, it is revealed that the future Bubblegum left temporarily for finding software patch for glitching BMO. Bartholomew admits that he and the other two were sent by the future Hunson, and he calls him. It turns out that the future Hunson wants her daughter back to the (future) Nightosphere, attempting to erase all her memories about Ooo to achieve that, which irritates the Empress Marceline. After BMO is fixed, the gang leaves the future to the current Nightosphere, where Marceline comforts her regretful father that he can learn a lesson from the incident, even that future hasn't really happened yet.

A big party is held in a night later. In the middle of the party, PB, and the rest of the attendants, toasts to the future, after the time adventure they just had.

Issue 5

A new city called "Humantown" is established after thousands of Humans volunteer have returned the Land of Ooo. As a diplomatic affair, Finn, PB, Lemongrab, and Lolly are invited by its leader, Malloy, to visit the place; one of the Minerva-bots, helping her people to build up the place, also came and greets the guests. Humantown is protected by a megalectric force field, and it works as a self-sufficient society; in Malloy's plan, after the city is built completely, the technology will no longer be used and the humans will live like their ancestors. He also hopes that Humantown can remain isolated and independent, which is basically accepted by the Candy Kingdom and Earldom of Lemongrab, and Finn becomes an honorary citizen, allowed to visit the city anytime. Later night, Finn and Jake is seen camping in the ruins after the Tree Fort's destruction. Finn is unsettled by one of Jake's suggestion, moving into Humantown, while Jake can leave him and live with Lady Rainicorn or one of her children.

Finn returns Humantown and is warmly welcomed by Minerva. He tells her many events after he left the Founders Island, including Fern, about his identity crisis and death, and Finn caring what he will be remembered by people and he wants to be just Finn, not just a hero. As they talk, a monster invades the city and Finn drives it away and gets one of its tentacles. The situation confuses Minerva and Malloy, because the force field should have kept such a danger outside. After he leaves, Finn tells Jake that he is pleased and familiar that he can fight a monster, just like he always did, but soon, they find out the monster is fake and it's a robot in disguise.

Issue 6

Finn heads to the Candy Kingdom, speaking to PB that he feels struggling about leaving the friend he knows for moving into the Humantown. He also questions about whether she built the robot to test the humans, which PB replies that she didn't, and Marceline told her to change her past acts, while she can't recognize the technology used on the tentacle. In addition, PB mentions that Marceline currently lives in the Candy Kingdom mostly, and she can arrange a place for Finn if needed. On the way to Humantown, Finn meets Huntress Wizard, showing up as a bird, in the streets of Candy Kingdom. She can sense Finn's concern, which is actually without a sense of belonging, neither any of the places he can call "home." Huntress Wizard tells Finn that all homes are temporary, and both the world and himself are changing; home is also made up by all the feelings which he left out to the world, and he will never lose one.

In Humantown, the monster appears again, and with the help of Minerva, it is identified that the monster is from Humantown and controlled by Malloy all along. Malloy wants to test Finn whether he will side with them or the locals, irritating Finn and makes him leave. In the woods, Finn starts to build a house with a sword by his own, and his friends in Ooo come for help one by one until it is finished.

In the middle of the night, Minerva visits Finn's new home while he's asleep. She sings a lullaby ("I See The Moon") for her son, as follows:

I see the moon and the moon sees me
Down through the leaves of the old oak tree
Oh, let the light shines on me
Shine on the one I love
Over the mountain, over the sea
Back where my heart is longed to be
Oh, let the light shines on me
Shine on the one I love


Major characters

Minor characters



  • In Issue 3, Hunson claimed that immortal creatures can remember everything happened to themselves.
  • According to Ted Anderson, Season 11 was cancelled by BOOM! due to low sales, making the Issue 6 the final issue of the series. The producing layout of the Issue 7, however, had gotten done before the decision was made.[1]
  • In an AMA held for the comics, it was revealed that 12 issues in total were planned for Season 11, made up by the first 4 issues as the first arc "Empress Marceline", two issues for "Humantown" arc, two single issues, and ended by a 4-issue season finale.[2][3]
    • In Issue 7, the storyline would focus on Jermaine, who becomes a successful painter, with Jake attempting to be more bonded with his sibling.[2][3][4]
    • For Issue 8, the storyline would have been about Finn, who would feel out of purpose after the adventures he had.[2][3][5]
    • The season finale would have made a return of Dr. Gross, who plotted a genetic plague, and Samantha.[2][3][6]
  • Despite that Issue 7 to 12 were never released, Julie Benbassat designed variant covers for each of them.[7][8][9]

Episode connections

  • Sometime between "Come Along With Me" and Season 11, a new metal arm was made for Finn.
  • In Issue 1, some items, from the series, in the destroyed Tree Fort can be identified, including:
  • In Issue 2, Jake notes that he "always wanted to hypnotize someone and get 'em remember their past lives." This happened before, in "The Vault", when Finn was hypnotized by BMO and recalled about being the reincarnation of Shoko.
  • In Issue 3, Finn says "Everything Stays" to the Empress Marceline, in response of her passive comment - "Nothing Stays", which is a reference of the episode "Everything Stays" and its featured song with the same name.


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