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Adventure Time Monopoly is a board game developed by Cartoon Network along with USAopoly. It is an Adventure Time themed Monopoly game featuring various characters and locations from the show. Characters are also featured on the "Ooo Dollars" for the game.


  • Much of the art used on the "What the Lump" and "Algebraic" cards are actually copies of early pen-and-ink drawings by the Adventure Time crew from various episodes.
  • The money for the game features a phrase said by the character featured on the money. For example, the 50 Ooo Dollar bill says "Drama Bomb!" as it has Lumpy Space Princess featured on it. Apparently Lady Rainicorn's quote on her bill (in Korean) translates as, "Try to catch me!" (thanks to @soljam.en on Facebook).
    Monopoly money korean
  • Marceline and Lady Rainicorn are featured on the box, the board, and the game's money. However, they are not actually useable tokens. BMO is also featured on the board and the box, but is not featured on any of the game's money.
  • The pieces, or tokens, are correlations to the original Monopoly pieces.
  • The Snail is featured somewhere on the board.


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