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This time line will (hopefully) go into detail about each event and explain its significance as it moves along each time period.

GOLB's Creation[]

It isn't clear when, or how GOLB was created, but we do know that he is a primordial being, dating back to before the universe was created.

The Time of Monsters[]

As the rebooted incarnation of The Lich explains in the episode Gold Stars, "Before there was time, before there was anything, there was nothing. And before there was nothing, there were monsters." In this episode it is revealed that before the universe came into existence, there had been previous states of reality, one of which was made up of several monstrous entities all clumped together into an endless sea of horrific nightmares. Some of these nightmares include the cosmic creatures known as Orgalorg, and Coconteppi.


As also mentioned by The Lich, there was a vast nothingness before anything existed. There isn't really anything that happens during this time period, it just acts as a sort of bookmark for the next reality.

The Beginning[]

After the Big Bang, several celestial beings along with the primordial monsters began to appear throughout the multiverse. Although there was a time period where nothing existed, some primordial monsters were able to make it through to this new state of existence and spread their chaotic influence over the new universe.

The First Catalyst Comet[]

The catalyst comets are cosmic entities each representing a different aspect of existence, the first of these comets appeared when earth was just another flaming ball of molten rock orbiting the sun. When this comet met the earth, it brought life which soon flourished and evolved. This comet is also confirmed to be one of Finn Merten's many lives. The first time we see or hear any mention o this comet is in the thirty-fourth episode of the fifth season titled "The Vault"

Prehistoric Era and the Elementals[]

When life first began on earth, there were four magical entities representing each of the four elements, fire, ice, candy, and slime.

The Second Catalyst Comet[]

The green catalyst comet is the earliest confirmed comet to have struck the earth around this time. The purpose of the catalyst comets is to bring change to Earth, and as this comet was a previous incarnation of the Lich, it's safe to say that this comet's primary purpose was the destruction of "most" life on Earth.

Roughly 66 million years before the start of Adventure Time, during the end of the Cretaceous Period, the ice elemental Urgence Evergreen and his mutated dinosaur companion Gunther travel the empty wasteland that was the Earth. Urgence had found out about the comet and setup a meeting with the other elementals to discuss what they should do about it. While the other Elementals had accepted their fate and decided to do nothing about it, Urgence wanted to create a magical crown with wish magic that would allow him to destroy the comet before it even hit the Earth. The other elementals were against his plan as they were weary of Urgence's true desire and whether or not he could actually destroy the comet, they tried to stop him but Urgence froze each of his elemental companions so he could continue with his plan.

After defeating a ferocious magma beast and acquiring three magical rubies, he returned to his fortress of ice to fuse them with a crown. Before Evergreen can use the crown however, he is attacked by an elephant like creature and is crushed by the ceiling of his ice fortress. Gunther is the only one who can use the crown at this point, but instead of using it to destroy the comet, he is corrupted by the crown and uses its magic to become an ice wizard with powers and looks similar to Evergreen's, this is largely due to Gunther's image of Evergreen and how he looks up to him as a sort of father-figure/mentor.

The Mushroom War[]

Roughly 1000 years before the series begins, the Mushroom War was fought on earth. This war gets its name from the mushroom-shaped explosions that took place. This war wiped out most of the human race, with a small fragment of the earth as collateral damage. During this time, Simon Petrikov became the Ice King, and befriended Marceline.

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