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This page shows all the cover art used for The Adventure Time Comic Issues, the physical copy may have minor differences from the images shown, also The main cover is shown under A, while limited edition(Variant Covers) and subscription covers are under B,C,D,E,(not in specific order unless specified). Below each section is a galley of related covers, not shown, with a detail of why it's not yet listed.

List of Issues[]

Issue # Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D Cover E 2nd Printing 3rd Printing 4th Printing Chapel Hill Comics Annapolis Comic Con Emerald City Comic Con San Diego Comic Con Starcon Maine Comic Arts Festival Granite State Comic Con Cards, Comics, and Collectables Brett's Collectables HeroesCon Hastings Dynamic Forces Awesome Con Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo Calgary Expo Phoenix Comic Con Hot Topic SuperCon Mondo Boston Comic Con Newbury Comics Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Detroit Fanfare Comic Con Alamo City Comic Con Comics Pro Denver Comic Con Final Order Cutoff Eugene Comic Con
Issue 1 Tumblr lv1cpbESgC1qzrbk9o1 1280 File 23 8 Issue1coverc Prv11362 pg5 001-limited Tumblr lyoz96XOfX1r7wz6no1 500 $(KGrHqVHJCME8fY(zJS)BPPdsvvwi!~~60 3 KABOOM ADVENTURETIME 001v1 AdventureTime 01 ChapelHill Resized ACC Cover1 Tumblr m042i1xhSw1qcb6pdo1 500 Sdcc adventure time vol 1 Starcon2013
Issue 2 002-a 002-b 002-c 002-d JAN128240 KABOOM ADVENTURETIME 002v1
Issue 3 Tumblr lyouzbPrm51r7wz6no1 1280 Tumblr lyouzbPrm51r7wz6no2 1280 Tumblr lyouzbPrm51r7wz6no3 1280 Tumblr lyouzbPrm51r7wz6no4 1280 KABOOM ADVENTURETIME 003v1
Issue 4 Tumblr m19d0hxENy1r7wz6no1 1280 Tumblr m19d0hxENy1r7wz6no2 1280 Tumblr m1ig83Ynrt1qzfig7o1 500 Tumblr m19d0hxENy1r7wz6no4 1280 KABOOM ADVENTURETIME 004v1 I4MCAFE I4DMCE
Issue 5 Tumblr m0lbguqI8n1rpid58o1 1280 Tumblr m0lbguqI8n1rpid58o2 1280 Issue5alt Issue5CoverD KABOOM ADVENTURETIME 005v1 Issue 5 Comic-con
Issue 6 Issue6cover Issue6cover2 Issue6cover3 Issue6cover4 KABOOM ADVENTURETIME 006v1
Issue 7 Adventure Time 7 cover A Adventure Time 7 cover B Adventuretime07backuppreivew-3 Adventuretime07backuppreivew-4
Issue 8 QaSGHJKL, Tumblr m5meef95vn1r7wz6no2 1280 Tumblr m5meef95vn1r7wz6no3 1280 I8D
Issue 9 Adventure Time 9 cover A Adventure Time 9 cover C Adventure Time 9 cover B Adventure Time 9 cover D
Issue 10 Adventure Time -10 Adventuretime10cvb Adventuretime10cvc Adventuretime10cvd Issue 10 (7) Issue 10 (5) Issue 10 (6)
Issue 11 Adventure Time 11 cover A Adventure Time 11 cover B Adventure Time 11 cover C I11DFE AT11EXCLUSIVE JJHarrison I11DFE
Issue 12 Adventuretime12cvra Adventuretime12cvrb Adventuretime12cvrc Adventuretime12cvrd I12CCCE I12BCE
Issue 13 Ho Adventuretime13cvrbjpg-19d312 Adventuretime13cvrcjpg-5a8035 Adventuretime13cvrdjpg-19d315 I13CCCE I13BCE
Issue 14 Tumblr mezg5k6SW71rtpgrxo1 1280 Tumblr mezg5k6SW71rtpgrxo2 1280 Tumblr mezg5k6SW71rtpgrxo3 1280 Tumblr mezg5k6SW71rtpgrxo4 1280 I14BCE
Issue 16 KABOOM ADVENTURETIME 016v4 A KABOOM ADVENTURETIME 016v4 B KABOOM ADVENTURETIME 016v4 C AdventureTime 16 cbrpreview-4 b0515 I16BCAE I16HTE I16SCE
Issue 17 Kaboomadventuretime017v4a Kaboomadventuretime017v4b Kaboomadventuretime017v4c Kaboomadventuretime017v4d I17ME I17BCC
Issue 20 Issue20cover1 AdventureTime-20-preview-Page-02-0eac6 AdventureTime-20-preview-Page-04-82ac6 AdventureTime-20-preview-Page-06-74930
Issue 22 Adventuretime 22 cva copy Adventuretime 22 cvb copy Adventuretime 22 cvc copy Adventuretime 22 cvd copy I22CCCE I22BCEE
Issue 23 At 23 cva Kaboom adventuretime 023 b Kaboom adventuretime 023 c Kaboom adventuretime 023 d
Issue 24 Kaboom adventure time 024 a Kaboom adventure time 024 b Kaboom adventure time 024 c 2 AdventureTime-24-rev-Page-04-11f66 AdventureTime-043-B-Subscription-3cb9f
Issue 25 Kaboom adventure time 025 a Kaboom adventure time 025 b AdventureTime-25-rev-3-1652c Issue 25D Kaboom adventure time 025 e I25COMPRO
Issue 26 Issue 26 Kaboom adventure time 026 b Kaboom adventure time 026 c Kaboom adventure time 026 d
Issue 27 ADVENTURE-TIME-27-Cover-A-by-Brittney-Williams-666x1024 ADVENTURE-TIME-27-Cover-B-by-Sabrina-Scott-666x1024 ADVENTURE-TIME-27-Cover-C-by-Tom-Hunter-666x1024 ADVENTURE-TIME-27-Cover-D-by-Chrystin-Garland-666x1024
Issue 28 Kaboom adventure time 028 a Kaboom adventure time 028 b Kaboom adventure time 028 c Kaboom adventure time 028 d
Issue 29 Kaboom adventure time 029 a Kaboom adventure time 029 b Kaboom adventure time 029 c 1 Kaboom adventure time 029 d I29DENVER
Issue 30 At 30 cvra-edit Kaboom adventure time 030 b Kaboom adventure time 030 c I50Dimond I30CCC
Issue 31 Kaboom adventure time 031 a Kaboom adventure time 031 b Kaboom adventure time 031 c I31CCC
Issue 32 Kaboom adventure time 032 a Kaboom adventure time 032 b Kaboom adventure time 032 c
Issue 33 Kaboom adventure time 033 a Kaboom adventure time 033 b Kaboom adventure time 033 c
Issue 34 Kaboom adventure time 034 a Kaboom adventure time 034 b Kaboom adventure time 034 c
Issue 35 Kaboom adventure time 035 a Kaboom adventure time 035 b Kaboom adventure time 035 c I35FOCV
Issue 36 AdventureTime-036-coverA-3cfb7 AdventureTime-036-coverB-0fefe AdventureTime-036-coverC-46eb6 I36SP AdventureTime-036-comicspro-18684
Issue 37 Kaboom adventuretime 037 a main KaBOOM-AdventureTime-037-B-Subscription-a1b89 KaBOOM-AdventureTime-037-C-Variant-9b40f
Issue 38 Kaboom adventure time 038 a KABOOM-AdventureTime-038-B-Subscription-Variant-cada8 KABOOM-AdventureTime-038-C-Variant-575cb
Issue 39 Adventuretime 039 a main AdventureTime-039-B-Subscription-30d06 AdventureTime-039-C-Variant-82613
Issue 40 Adventuretime 040 a main AdventureTime-040-B-Subscription-49fd3 AdventureTime-040-C-Variant-162e8 I40SDCCE AdventureTime-043-B-Subscription-3cb9f
Issue 41 AdventureTime-041-A-Main-89c10 AdventureTime-041-B-Subscription-74374
Issue 42 At42 AdventureTime-042-B-Variant-2c325
Issue 43 Adventuretime 043 a main I43S
Issue 44 Adventuretime 044 a main AdventureTime-044-B-Subscription-8ab70
Issue 45 AdventureTime-045-A-Main-cb4cb AdventureTime-045-B-Subscription-625ae
Issue 46 AdventureTime-046-A-Main-7cded AdventureTime-046-B-Subscription-4f4c2 I46ECC2015E
Issue 47 AdventureTime-047-A-Main-249eb AdventureTime-047-B-Subscription-c92d2
Issue 48 AdventureTime-048-A-Main-f569c AdventureTime-048-B-Subscription-9ddc4
Issue 49 AdventureTime-049-A-Main-cc897 AdventureTime-049-B-Subscription-63bc8
Issue 50 AdventureTime-050-A-Main-21e2f AdventureTime-050-B-Subscription-414d2 AdventureTime-050-C-Variant-9c3f8 AdventureTime-050-D-Variant-7be24 I502nd I50Emerald
Issue 51 AdventureTime-051-A-Main-10d87 AdventureTime-051-B-Subscription-d192a
Issue 52 Issue 52-main cover Issue 52-B cover
Issue 53 Issue 53-main cover Issue 53-B cover
Issue 54 Issue 54-main cover Issue 54-B cover
Issue 55 Issue 55-main cover Issue 55-B cover
Issue 56 Issue 56-main cover Issue 56-B cover
Issue 57 Issue 57-main cover I57S
Issue 58 Issue 58-main cover I58S
Issue 59 Issue 59-main cover Issue 59-B cover
Issue 60 Issue 60-main cover Issue 60-B cover
Issue 61 Issue 61-main cover Issue 61-B cover
Issue 62 Issue 62-main cover Issue 62-B cover
Issue 63 Issue 63-main cover Issue 63-B cover
Issue 64 Issue 64-main cover Issue 64-B cover
Issue 65 Issue 65-main cover Issue 65-B cover
Issue 66 Issue 66-main cover Issue 66-B cover
Issue 67 JUN171346 Issue 67-B cover
Issue 68 Issue 68-main cover Issue 68-B cover
Issue 69 AdventureTime-069-A-Main-PRESS Issue 69-B cover
Issue 70 Issue 70-main cover Issue 70-B cover
Issue 71 80CD18D4-C7E7-4371-9DD9-9ECB217F7E53 Issue 71-B cover
Issue 72 74D31F9B-80E6-486F-86F9-36829305F9B8 31E490C2-BCF3-41F6-B86F-812B20E795CC
Issue 73 Issue 73-main cover Issue 73-B cover
Issue 74 Issue 74-main cover Issue 74-B cover
Issue 75 72733C55-5A94-4100-A7AA-7CC7840C9918 EAFF4FAE-7629-47F7-BA00-4D1EB71F0FAC Issue 75-C cover Issue 75-D cover 7E73A8C5-97B3-4F6D-B6CA-ECC664B4D7DE

Not Listed[]

Images not shown above

List of Special Issues[]

Issue # Cover A Cover B Cover C Phoenix Comic Con Awesome Con Newbury Comics San Diego Comic Con Phantom
Annual 2013 Kaboomadventuretimeannualv1a Kaboomadventuretimeannualv1b Annualfrogcover Adventure Time (2013 Kaboom) 2013 Annual -1PHOENIX
Annual 2014 ATAnnual2014 coverA ATAnnual2014 coverB ATAnnual2014 coverC Adventure Time (2014 Kaboom) 2014 AnnualAWESOME
2013 Spoooktacular KABOOM AT Spoooktacular 001v1 A KABOOM AT Spoooktacular 001v1 B KABOOM AT Spoooktacular 001v1 C
2015 Spoooktacular At 2015 spoooktacular 001 a main AT-2015-Spoooktacular-001-B-Variant-e02ef
2016 Spoooktacular Spoook 2016 ST2016B
2017 Spoooktacular Spook 2017 ST2017B
Summer Special AdventureTimeAnnual 01 preview-1 AdventureTimeAnnual 01 preview-2 AdventureTimeAnnual 01 preview-3 Adventure Time Summer Special (2013)1NEWBURY AdventureTimeAnnual 01 preview-4
Winter Special Winter Special 2014 3384602-w+kaboom adventure time winter 001 b 3384657-w+atwinter cvrc
Marshall Lee Spectacular Marshall Lee Spec
BMO Bonanza BMOBonanza BB1B
Free Comic Book Day: 2012 Tumblr m3autoE94k1qcw9rdo1 500 Comicbro
Free Comic Book Day: 2013 SummerBlast1 SB1Phantom
Free Comic Book Day: 2014 Kaboom FCBD2014 cover
Free Comic Book Day: 2015 10yearcelebration
Free Comic Book Day: 2018 FCBDFionna
Cover Showcase CoverShowcase

List of Spin Off Issues[]

Issue # Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D Cover E Second Printing Awesome Con San Diego Comic-Con Baltimore Comic Con Calgary Expo Emerald City Comic Con Hastings Phantom Get-A-Sketch Boom Studios Web Newbury Comics
Scream Queens Issue 1 ScreamqueensCoverA 661 682 671 ScreamqueensCoverD SQF Marcelineandthescreamqueen'scover SQSD MSQComiccon
Scream Queens Issue 2 Tumblr m46gxsogti1r7wz6no1 1280 Tumblr m46gxsogti1r7wz6no2 1280 Tumblr m46gxsogti1r7wz6no3 1280 Tumblr m46gxsogti1r7wz6no4 1280
Scream Queens Issue 3 Tumblr m5meef95vn1r7wz6no4 1280 CoverVaritiationMarcelineScreamQueens Tumblr m5meef95vn1r7wz6no6 1280 Tumblr m5meef95vn1r7wz6no7 1280
Scream Queens Issue 4 Marissue 4 cover 1 Marissue-4-cover-2 Marissue 4 cover 3 Marissue 4 cover 4
Scream Queens Issue 5 Jbg SQI5 SQI5C SQI5D
Scream Queens Issue 6 MarcelineSQ 06 CVA-copy-674x1024 M601 AT SQ 6 cvrC2-673x1024 MarcelineSQ 06 cvrD-674x1024
Fionna and Cake Issue 1 Fionna and Cake cover Fionna and Cake 1 Fionna and Cake 2 Fionna and Cake 3 Fionnaandcakecve01-1349488027 FionnaCake 01 CV2ndPrint F&C1AWESOME File 24 38 F&C1ECCC F&C1HASTINGS F&C1PHANTOM F&C1GAS Tumblr mgdtiz9CC31qzrbk9o1 1280
Fionna and Cake Issue 2 Fionnaandcakecva02 Fionnaandcakecvb02 Fionnacake02cvrc Fionnacakecoverd F&C22nd F&C2Phantom Boom Studios Web Exclusive CoverI2
Fionna and Cake Issue 3 Tumblr meu23m8lzy1qzlgkno1 1280 Comics Fionnacake03cvrc F&C3D F&C3Phantom Boom Studios Web Exclusive Cover2
Fionna and Cake Issue 4 Kaboomadventuretimefionnacake004v2a Kaboomadventuretimefionnacake004v2b Kaboomadventuretimefionnacake004v2c Kaboomadventuretimefionnacake004v2d F&CPhantom File 26 3
Fionna and Cake Issue 5 Fionna-Cake-5-Cover-A Fionna-Cake-5-cover-B Fionna-Cake-5-cover-C Facissuecoverd Facissuewebcover
Fionna and Cake Issue 6 Kaboomadventuretimefionnacake006v1a Kaboomadventuretimefionnacake006v1b F&C6C Kaboomadventuretimefionnacake006v1d F&C6E
Candy Capers Issue 1 Candy kingdom graphic novel Candycaper2 Candycaper3 Candy capers issue 1 cover 5 CC1AWESOME CC1NEWBURY
Candy Capers Issue 2 CC2A Candycapers2cover2 Candycapers2cover3 Candycapers2cover4
Candy Capers Issue 3 Candycapers 03 cvrifc Candycapers3cover3 Candycapers3cover4 Candycapers3cover5
Candy Capers Issue 4 CC4A Candycapers4.2 Candycapers4.3 Candycapers4.4
Candy Capers Issue 5 CandyCapers-05-preview-Page-01-9e04f CandyCapers-05-preview-Page-02-0f6c3 CandyCapers-05-preview-Page-03-4f85f CandyCapers-05-preview-Page-04-e6d1c
Candy Capers Issue 6 3486201-1candycapers 06 preview 3486208-2candycapers 06 preview 3486209-w003 3486210-w4candycapers 06 preview
The Flip Side Issue 1 AdvTime-FlipSide-01-rev-Page-01-21d91 AdvTime-FlipSide-01-rev-Page-02-4e7ef AdvTime-FlipSide-01-rev-Page-03-1e933 AdvTime-FlipSide-01-rev-Page-04-9e0d9
The Flip Side Issue 2 AdvTime-FlipSide-02-rev-Page-01-7f99d AdvTime-FlipSide-02-rev-Page-02-b391b AdvTime-FlipSide-02-rev-Page-03-c20b8 AdvTime-FlipSide-02-rev-Page-04-24299
The Flip Side Issue 3 AdvTime-FlipSide-03-coverA-8e73b AdvTime-FlipSide-03-coverB-d0859 AdvTime-FlipSide-03-coverC-6938d AdvTime-FlipSide-03-coverD-ed1ac
The Flip Side Issue 4 ADVENTURE-TIME-THE-FLIP-SIDE-4-Cover-B-by-Courtney-Bernard-666x1024 ADVENTURE-TIME-THE-FLIP-SIDE-4-Cover-C-by-Rebekka-Dunlap-666x1024 ADVENTURE-TIME-THE-FLIP-SIDE-4-Cover-D-by-Marguerite-Sauvage-666x1024 ADVENTURE-TIME-THE-FLIP-SIDE-4-Cover-A-by-Colleen-Coover
The Flip Side Issue 5 Advtime flipside 05 cva Advtime flipside 05 cvb Advtime flipside 05 cvc Advtime flipside 05 cvd
The Flip Side Issue 6 FlipSide6A2 FlipSide6B ADVENTURE-TIME-THE-FLIP-SIDE-6-Cover-C-by-Kyle-Hotz-678x1024 ADVENTURE-TIME-THE-FLIP-SIDE-6-Cover-C-by-Sarah-Stone
Banana Guard Academy Issue 1 KABOOM AT Banana Guard 001 A AT-BananaGuard-01-COVERB-d1c88 AT-BananaGuard-01-COVERC-76cb7
Banana Guard Academy Issue 2 Jun140987 AT-BananaGuard-02-COVER-B-15883
Banana Guard Academy Issue 3 Jul141007 AT-BananaGuard03-coverB-daf4c BGaurd3
Banana Guard Academy Issue 4 Banana Guard Academy 4a AT-BananaGuard04-coverB-cccd3
Banana Guard Academy Issue 5 Banana Guard Academy 5a AT-BananaGuard05-coverB-de066
Banana Guard Academy Issue 6 BananaGuard6 BananaGuard6B
Marceline Gone Adrift Issue 1 MarcelineGoneAdrift-001-coverA-19ce0 MarcelineGoneAdrift-001-coverB-8a58e MarcelineGoneAdrift-001-coverC-223fc MarcelineGoneAdrift-001-coverD-7e5b8 MarcelineGoneAdrift-001-coverE-2b696 Adventure Time Marceline Gone Adrift F Adventure Time Marceline Gone Adrift 1ECCC
Marceline Gone Adrift Issue 2 KaBOOM-Marceline-Gone-Adrift-002-A-Main-51056 KaBOOM-Marceline-Gone-Adrift-002-B-Subscription-c38ef KaBOOM-Marceline-Gone-Adrift-002-C-Variant-89b5c
Marceline Gone Adrift Issue 3 KaBOOM-MarcelineGoneAdrift-03-A-Main-89710 KaBOOM-MarcelineGoneAdrift-03-B-Subscription-00c57 KaBOOM-MarcelineGoneAdrift-03-C-Variant-d3d06
Marceline Gone Adrift Issue 4 MarcelineGoneAdrift-04-A-Main-97fbc MarcelineGoneAdrift-04-B-Subscription-6d4d4 MarcelineGoneAdrift-04-C-Variant-6f294
Marceline Gone Adrift Issue 5 MarcelineGoneAdrift-05-A-Main-68c40 MarcelineGoneAdrift-05-B-Subscription-526fc MarcelineGoneAdrift-05-C-Variant-fc6ea
Marceline Gone Adrift Issue 6 MarcelineGoneAdrift-06-A-Main-a8742 MarcelineGoneAdrift-06-B-Subscription-9a57c MarcelineGoneAdrift-06-C-Variant-b2d09
Card Wars Issue 1 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-001-A-Main-dfa01 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-001-B-Subscription-d9636 Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake- Card Wars Issue 1 Cover C AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-001-D-Variant-56484 Adventure Time Fionna and Cake Card Wars 1SDCC
Card Wars Issue 2 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-002-A-Main-a1252 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-002-B-Subscription-167ac AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-002-C-Variant-c5692
Card Wars Issue 3 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-003-A-Main-c6135 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-003-B-Subscription-ba1b4 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-003-C-Variant-97e2d
Card Wars Issue 4 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-004-A-Main-08ae3 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-004-B-Subscription-baab5 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-004-C-Variant-e88be
Card Wars Issue 5 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-005-A-Main-00ce6 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-005-B-Subscription-c217f AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-005-C-Variant-f0e2b
Card Wars Issue 6 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-006-A-Main-19d67 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-006-B-Subscription-5e534 AT-FionnaCake-CardWars-006-C-Variant-32988
Ice King Issue 1 IceKing-001-A-Main-4daad IceKing-001-B-Subscription-055de IceKing-001-C-Variant-7fc4a
Ice King Issue 2 IceKing-002-A-Main-07bcf IceKing 002 B Subscription
Ice King Issue 3 IceKing-003-A-Main-04812 IceKing-003-B-Subscription-2b484
Ice King Issue 4 IceKing-004-A-Main-4a2aa IceKing-004-B-Subscription-5b83e
Ice King Issue 5 AT-IceKing-005-A-Main-bab1a AT-IceKing-005-B-Subscription-7f7f4
Ice King Issue 6 IKI6 IKI6B
Adventure Time/Regular Show Issue 1 AT RS Comic Issue 1 Cover 1 AT RS Comic Issue 1 Cover 2 AT RS Comic Issue 1 Cover 4 AT RS Comic Issue 1 Cover 3
Adventure Time/Regular Show Issue 2 AT RS Comic Issue 2 Cover 1 AT RS Comic Issue 2 Cover 2 AT RS Comic Issue 2 Cover 3 AT RS Comic Issue 2 Cover 4
Adventure Time/Regular Show Issue 3 AT RS Comic Issue 3 Cover 1 AT RS Comic Issue 3 Cover 2 AT RS Comic Issue 3 Cover 4 AT RS Comic Issue 3 Cover 3
Adventure Time/Regular Show Issue 4 5965682-adventure-time-regular-show-4 4156381-adventure-time-regular-show-4 9830339-adventure-time-regular-show-4 8747681-adventure-time-regular-show-4
Adventure Time/Regular Show Issue 5 7208695-adventure-time-regular-show-5 7208694-adventure-time-regular-show-5.jpg 9740074-adventure-time-regular-show-5 ATRS5SUB
Adventure Time/Regular Show Issue 6 B68929DD-B5A0-40F0-BC00-E6C5470CA1CC F4F76F65-9822-42CF-884C-36670D8AB9D5 121C881F-C7C9-4666-A81C-C78D68556C60 2CD79DCE-7871-4778-844A-916C0A51BFE7
Beginning of the End Issue 1 BOTE1 BOTE1B BOTE1SUB
Beginning of the End Issue 2 BOTE2 BOTE2A BOTE2B
Beginning of the End Issue 3 BOTE3 BOTE3B BOTE3SUB
Season 11 Issue 1 Adventure Time Season 11 TP Volume 01 Adventure Time Season 11 I1B Adventure Time Season 11 -1 Pope Cover E762c3f27213e675470bf44a1ef6f464 xl Adventure Time (2018) Season 11 -1SUB Adventure Time (2018) Season 11 -1E
Season 11 Issue 2 Adventure-Time-season-11-2-first-look-1-595x1000 Adventure Time (2018) Season 11 -2B Adventure Time (2018) Season 11 -2C
Season 11 Issue 3 STL102087 Adventure Time (2018) Season 11 -3B Adventure Time (2018) Season 11 -3C
Season 11 Issue 4 Kisspng-jake-the-dog-finn-the-human-marceline-the-vampire-adventure-time-png-file-5a7298caf085c7.8339884115174596589852 (1) Adventure Time (2018) Season 11 -4B Adventure Time Season 11 -4 Jovellanos Cover Adventure Time Season 11 -4 Vermilyea Variant
Season 11 Issue 5 Adventure Time Season 11 -5 Adventure Time (2018) Season 11 -5B Adventure Time Season 11 -5 Oconnor Cover Adventure Time Season 11 -5 Vermilyea Variant
Season 11 Issue 6 Adventure Time Season 11 -6 Adventure Time (2018) Season 11 -6B Adventure Time Season 11 -6 Esguerra Cover
Season 11 Issue 7 (Canceled) Adventure Time Season 11 -7 EJwXxwPWkAA5sIL Adventure Time Season 11 -7 Hernandez Cover
Season 11 Issue 8 (Canceled) EJwXxwcXUAAiCdg
Season 11 Issue 9 (Canceled) EJwXxwjX0Ao5yLp
Season 11 Issue 10 (Canceled) EJ1cNNvXUAIOLfv
Season 11 Issue 11 (Canceled) EJ66ln1WsAAfRkc
Season 11 Issue 12 (Canceled) EJ66lnzXsAIafzt
Marcy & Simon Issue 1 Marcy And Simon M&S1B M&S1C M&S1D
Marcy & Simon Issue 2 M&S2 M&S2B M&S2C
Marcy & Simon Issue 3 M&S3 M&S3B M&S3C
Marcy & Simon Issue 4 M&S4 S&M4B M&S4C
Marcy & Simon Issue 5 M&S5 M&S5B M&S5C
Marcy & Simon Issue 6 M&S6 M&S6B M&S6C

Not Listed[]

Images not shown above

List of Comics Issues[]

In this list A is the original cover, B is Subscription Cover, C,D,E are the Variant covers.

Issue # Cover A Cover B Cover C Cover D Cover E San Diego Comic Con
Issue 1 Comics 1 Comics 1B Comics 1C Comics 1D Comics2016CoverE Comics2016 Pat McHale and Chrystin Garland
Issue 2 Comics 2 Comics 2B Comics 2C
Issue 3 Comics 3 Comics 3B Comics 3C
Issue 4 Comics 4 Comics 4B Comics 4C
Issue 5 Comics 5 Comics 5B Comics 5C
Issue 6 Comics 6 Comics 6B Comics 6C
Issue 7 Comics 7 Comics 7B Comics 7C
Issue 8 Comics 8 Comics 8B Comics 8C
Issue 9 Comics 9 Comics 9C Comics 9B
Issue 10 Comics 10 Comics 10B Comics 10C
Issue 11 Comics 11 Comics 11B Comics 11C
Issue 12 Comics 12 Comics 12C Comics 12B
Issue 13 Comics 13 Comics 13C Comics 13B
Issue 14 Comics 14 Comics 14C Comics 14B
Issue 15 Comics 15 Comics 15C Comics 15B
Issue 16 Comics 16 Comics 16B Comics 16C
Issue 17 Comics 17 Comics 17C Comics 17B
Issue 18 Comics 18 Comics 18C Comics 18B
Issue 19 Comics 19 Comics 19C Comics 19B
Issue 20 Comics 20 Comics 20C Comics 20B
Issue 21 Comics 21 Comics 21C Comics 21B
Issue 22 Comics 22 Comics 22C Comics 22B
Issue 23 Comics 23 Comics 23C Comics 23B
Issue 24 Comics 24 Comics 24C Comics 24B
Issue 25 Comics 25 Comics 25C Comics 25B


  • In the dub in Russian, some comic covers are during or in the start of the comics, while other comic covers are in the Cover Gallery (for example, that cute BMO face).