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Adventure Time Battle Party was an online game on the Cartoon Network website. It was a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where players pick a champion and are pitted in teams of three against each other. The winner is the team that manages to destroy the enemy base, or has more points after the 15 minute time limit expires.


Why do the people of Ooo fight so much? Princess Bubblegum is conducting a secret experiment to find out. She's invited the greatest warriors on the planet to duke it out in her Battle Laboratory. For science!


After being matched with two teammates and three opponents, players are taken to the champion selection screen. There, they must each select a character and a backpack. The choice of character will determine the player's stats, attack range, passive ability, and powers, while the choice of backpack determines which Battle Junk is available to the player. Battle Junk can be upgraded with skill points earned by levelling up in order to increase the champion's stats. Each team may only have one of each character, but the same character may appear on both teams.

Once everyone has chosen their champion and their backpack, they spawn in the battle arena. The battle arena consists of two base areas on each end of the map, connected to each other by two lanes, the top and bottom lanes. In the middle of the map, there is a jungle area which contains neutral monsters that can be fought for extra points and experience.

Clicking on the ground with the left mouse button will cause the player's champion to move to this location, while clicking on the ground with the right mouse button will cause the player to ping. Clicking on an enemy unit will cause the champion to attack. The Q, W, and E keys can be pressed to activate the champion's unique skills, which have many effects such as damaging enemies or inflicting debuffs on them. Each character also has their own passive power, which cannot be manually activated. The passive power is either constantly active, or activates automatically under certain conditions.

As a unit takes damage, it loses HP. When a unit's HP reaches 0, it is KO'd and disappears from the game area. If a champion is KO'd, they will respawn at their base after a delay of several seconds.

As the player defeats enemy champions, minions, and jungle creeps, they earn experience points. Once enough experience points are obtained, the champion levels up, which increases their stats and grants the player a skill point which can be spent to upgrade a Battle Junk item. The more skill points are invested in a Battle Junk item, the greater its stat boosts become. Battle Junk can increase the champion's damage, armor, shields, health, and more depending on which backpack was chosen prior to the start of the battle.

Each team's base will spawn waves of minions, who walk up one of the two lanes and towards the enemy base. Minions will stop their march if they encounter an enemy unit in order to attack. Normally, this means that the two minion waves will meet at the middle of their lane and end the fight in a stalemate, however players can "push" their wave towards the enemy base by attacking the enemy minions in order to ensure that the fight ends in their minion's favor.

Towers are powerful stationary units that automatically target and attack enemy units within range. In order to reach the enemy's base, players need to destroy them. Due to the tower's powerful attacks, it is not possible for champions to destroy the towers by themselves. They need to push the minion waves up to the tower's range in order to make the tower focus its attacks on the minions, allowing them to attack and destroy the towers. If a player attacks an enemy champion within an enemy tower's range, the tower will immediately target that player until they exit the tower's range. It will not acquire any new targets until the player exits its range or is KO'd. There is a tower at the end of each lane, and also inside each team's base. In order to damage the enemy's base, their inner tower must first be destroyed.

There are three altars placed around the map; one is in the top lane near the purple team's base, another is in the bottom lane near the blue team's base, and the third is in the middle of the map. If a champion stands on an altar for five seconds, they will capture the altar and grant a buff to all of their allies. The lane altars grant a defensive buff while the central altar grant an attack buff. If champions from opposing team stand on an altar at the same time, the altar will be captured by the team who has more players on the altar.

Near each lane altar, there is a powerful monster. The top lane has the goo monster, while the bottom lane has Kee-Oth. Defeating the goo monster will grant the team a temporary movement speed buff, while slaying Kee-Oth will grant an attack power buff and drain. These monsters will respawn shortly after their buff expires.

At the top of the screen, there is a point counter for each team. Actions such as defeating minions and jungle creeps, destroying towers, and KO'ing enemy champions will earn points for the player's team. If 15 minutes elapse without either team's base being destroyed, the team with the highest score will win.

At the end of each game, players are awarded experience (Which will increase the player's rank and grant them new medals after certain rank thresholds are reached) and Coins (Which can be spent to unlock more backpacks and outfits for characters).


  • Suit Yourself: Purchase an outfit (100 Points)
  • Lord of Battle: Reach Rank 5 (150 Points)
  • Conquerer: Win 10 matches (200 Points)
  • Party God: Get a 9+ KO streak (200 Points)
  • First Strike: Win a match (100 Points)
  • Goo Gone: Defeat Goo-Monster 10 times (500 Points)
  • Too Freakin' Legendary: Win 100 Matches (500 Points)
  • Double Time: Win 10 2v3 Matches (500 Points)
  • Seek you, glory: Get 1000+Points in a match (150 Points)
  • Knock, knock: Get a double KO streak (100 Points)
  • Blood Demon: Defeat Kee-Oth 5 times (500 Points)
  • Bravery: Win 5 1v3 matches (500 Points)
  • Hero Biz: Get a triple KO (200 Points)
  • Fight Power Supreme: Get 100 KO's (200 Points)
  • Packing Heat: Purchase a Backpack (100 Points)
  • You are awesome: Get a 3 KO streak (150 Points)
  • Party On: Play a match (100 Points)
  • Altar Beast: Capture 10 Altars (100 Points)


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