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nard-kicking ability.
All are a part of you, for you are a hero. You must be, or you wouldnt be reading these words. It was pretty clear you weren't supposed to read this unless you're a hero, right? Nevermind, heroism is an inclusive scene, so come along. Herein you will find ancient wisdom, aphorisms of apsiration and inspiration, and most of all, a gateway to a great adventure. Upon reviewing all of this tome's contents -- which take you about fifty-two hours or so -- you eyes will be open to exciting new exploits, and your soul will be prepared for a life of valor. Many would be envious of you and the voyage you are embarking on. There's no better time to be a hero.

Season 1 Disc 1

Let's be honest. You're a hero. You rolled a natural 20. Some wizards, on the other hand, are a little touched in the head. Use this to your adavantage. Make them believe they can trust you. Bend their brains to secure their defeat. Eleven times out of ten, they're fall for it. Keep in mind, you can't a defeat a wizard with a flute. It simply won't work. You can, however, punch a wizard in the beard. That works wonders.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Prisoners of Love".

Season 1 Disc 2

Chambers, evil creatures, treasure chests, doorways, trap. Verily, a hero is in his element when ensconed in a dungeon. But don't quest alone. You may be skilled at helping bad guys board the knuckle train to fist planet, but dungeons are full of freaky cats and other adversaries you can't simply punch your way past. You need your literal or figurative brother-in-arms by your side in order to free yourself from guardian angles who want to cook you in a soup.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Dungeon".

Season 2 Disc 1

Opening a doorway to the Nightosphere sounds simple enough: Draw a circle with a happy face in the center, douse it with bug milk, and chant "Maloso Vobiscum Et Cum Spiritum." Of course, doing so will unleash a dapper, deathless evil intent on stealing every soul in your village. And every french fry, as well. It's up to you to be the ant in his pants and sets those souls free. And don't rely on a wizard to help you, they'll just soil their tunic upon seeing true evil.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "It Came from the Nightosphere".

Season 2 Disc 2

There's something special only two bro's can share: an Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. Legend has it a heroic duo once journyed to the center of a labyrinth to confront a magic wish granting creature and also save a troop of truely stupid hot dog knights. In the face of despair, death, and defiantly dumb meat by-products, the two lionhearted adventurers wished the War Elephant into existance. Should you, too, desire to make your mark on the world of mythological creatures, take heed: Work through the pain and get yourself some wishes!

Shows a picture of a scene from, "The Limit".

Season 3 Disc 1

When bad things happen. I know you want to believe they are a joke. But sometimes life is scary and dark. That is why we must find the light.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "The Creeps"

Season 3 Disc 2

The Guild of Assassins are masters of deception. They may even appear as the tinest, cutest thing you could ever imagine. But dont let your guard down. They'll climb in your nose and inject you full of poison faster than you can say "meat pie." Even so, Guild assassins ae thoughtful enough to send a note in advance, letting you know they're going to exterminate you. Really, you've gotta adminre their professionalism. But back to the point, they want to kill you to death.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Jake vs. Me-Mow"

Season 4 Disc 1

Feelings are the toughest challenge a hero will ever face. They'll burn you something fierce. In an ideal world, the only feelings a hero would ever feel are the solid grip of his swords' hilt and the sensation of giving an evildoer a five-fingered trip to six feet under. But feelings are hecka real and you've got to decide what's more important, your feelings or saving lives. Who knows, maybe feelings are your power, and understanding them will make you a better, stronger hero. Possibly. Or it could end the with the whole kingdom burning down.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Hot to the Touch"

Season 4 Disc 2

Being a hero is not just about protecting the innocent and slaying anything that's evil. A hero has to relax, and what better way to cool one's proverbial jets than by playing the legendary game of card-based warfare? Known by many names over the eons, the game is super-complicated and awesome. Although some believe the game is only for nerds who do not know how life is outside the nerd universe, it is widely known that a hero is not truely a hero unless he knows how to floop the pig. Tread lightly acrosss the gaming board, though, as an intense session of card battling can ruin friendships. Sometimes the bravest thing a hero can do is take a dive and share from the goblet of gross soda.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Card Wars"

Season 5 Disc 1

Wishes - whether single-serving or in economy packs of three - should always be considered. Those granting wishes, from orb wielding serpents to pickle-making cool dudes. often impart an ironic twist on your desires. Perhaps it is a game to them. Or maybe they've just got rotten melons. Either way, you have to be really specific. Otherwise, you could find yourself living in a whole other life in a dystopian alternate universe. Or even receiving a back rub from a bear. Claws, ouch.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Jake the Dog"

Season 5 Disc 2

An adventurer will often find strange and awe-inspiring artifacts over the course of his journeys. Some will beguile you, entice you, almost plead for you to become one with them. Be wary, as not all riches are worth the devastation they can cause. And not all devastation is so obvious to the devastated. For you may gain great power but lose that which you hold dear. You may even lose yourself.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Simon & Marcy"

Season 5 Disc 3

A hero is nothing without his best bro. When they're in sync, an adventuring duo are like two halves of a sandwich, coming together to create a thing divine. While we're on the topic of heroes and sandwiches, a hero needs to replenish his strenght regularly, and satisfy not only his appetite for kicking butt, but also his actual appetite for food. And for kick-butt heroics, a hearty Time Sandwich is strongly reccomended.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Jake Suit"

Season 5 Disc 4

A Hero must play many roles: protector, adventurer, bun-puncher, flutemaster. But none are more important than being the keeper of decorum during private ceremonies. Well, it probably falls somewhere between adventurer and bun-puncher. When people get gathered, tensions get slathered, and the hero must ensure the mores of the day remain in place. However, sometimes it all comes crashing down and the wedding gets ruined and everyone winds up in jail. Decorum is a real coin-toss.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Apple Wedding"

Season 6 Disc 1

Have you ever wondered if there's a better, mode idealized version of you somewhere? There probably is. Perhaps in another dimension, or even just the pages of someone else's book. But they're out there, quite possibly being hardier, handsome, and heroic-er than you. And there's nothing you can do about it. Except work harder and better. So go do that now. Now

Shows a picture of a scene from, "The Prince Who Wanted Everything"

Season 6 Disc 2

The innumerable protocols of dealing with the royal court are without exception, positively mind-numbing. And no one knows that better than princesses. They get it. And they have it worse off than you. Whenever you grow weary of the royal scene, you can just wander off to your next adventure and pummel some jerkfaces for fun's sake. Princesses are stuck right in the thick of it. They got born into this mess and they have to make the best of it. So cut them some slack. Be kind and mindful, respect their authority, and in general, just be cool man.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Princess Day"

Season 6 Disc 3

Penguins: Don't trust them. They're hiding some serious nefariousness beneath that sleek, two-toned skin. If there's only one thing you learn from this sacred text, it's don't ever take your eye off penguins. Ever.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "The Comet"

Season 7 Disc 1

Let's go in the garden
You'll find something waiting
Right there where you left it
Lying upside down
When you finally find it
You'll see how it's faded
The underside is lighter
When you turn it around
Everything stays
Right where you left it
Everything stays
But it still changes
Ever so slightly
Daily and nightly
In little ways
When everything stays

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Everything Stays"

Season 7 Disc 2

Heroes take many forms. Some wear chainmail and armor. Others don a ten-gallon hat and ride a horse. Long whispered in tales of yore is the legend of the box-shaped bounty hunter. The squarish stranger used to run with the villanious and uncouth, with the wind at his back and the devil on his shoulder. Then he became the guy who chased tho guys, the hero with the face of an angel. And sure, that horse may have really been just a good friend who agrees to pretend to be a horse, but their exploits where real.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Angel Face"

The Final Seasons Disc 1

By now, a hero knows that magic is for wiznerds. But it's possible that you have yet to met to encounter a truely awesome source of power: Science. Science is like magic with bulging bieps and a deep, intimidating voice. It's also for nerds, but boy can those nerds mess you up. Science nerds have the potential to create pure technological insanity, which can lead to some of them turning evil. Evil scientists are just the worst. They'll try to implant electrical doodads in your brain and turn you into half-man/half-robot monstrosities. Which sounds pretty cool at first, but verily it is not.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Preboot"

The Final Seasons Disc 2

Journey anywhere across the vast expanses of the multiverse and you will encounter four primordial elements: Candy, Ice, Fire, and Slime. They are elements of both a physical and spirtual nature. Just as flames burn your fingers, the unadulterated rage of a pure Fire elemental will spark uncontrollable fury in your fists. Just as excessive sweets wreak havoc on your teeth, the exuberance of a Candy elemental will simmer your spirit down to a gooey giddiness. It will take all of your skills, dedicated teamwork, and a good set of skyhooks to escape the enticing grasp of an elemental.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Frost & Fire"

The Final Seasons Disc 3

A seasoned hero, you can hack and slash any monster that impedes your journey. Except for one: Betreyal. It's like having your own fist punch you in the face, like having your own arm wield a sword against you. Betrayal hurts like no other battle wound. You know an ogre is going to attack you, you know your enemies will try to bring you down. But betrayal comes from those you least expect. And a hero can never truly be prepared for betrayal, for that would mean never letting yourself trust another person. And a lonely hero is more lonely than hero.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Whispers"

The Final Seasons Disc 4

This. Is. It. Everything about your heroic existance has led to this, the ultimate adventure. You want glory? You want to me memorialized in song and story for ages? You've got to prove your worth, and this is where it happens. Not all will reach this pinnacle of heroism, and for those lucky few who do, even fewer will succeed. Let's be honest, this is going to be tough. You could perish while watching your whole world get laid to waste. There's no turning back now.

Shows a picture of a scene from, "Come Along With Me"

Exclusive Extras

Although a hero may complete a questm their journey is never over. With each adventure you put under your belt, you could return to these pages and see their contents ever so differently. That which once appeared inscrutable may bring fourth uproarious laughter. That which seemed insignificant may one day be inspirational. Give yourself enough time and the insurmountable becomes, well, surmountable. Go, you paladin, you pioneer, you purveyor of righteousness. Go forge fresh alliances, and do everything you can to make the world a better place. The fun will never end.

Shows a picture of a Finn and Jake.

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