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Adventure Time: The Flip Side Issue 3 is third issue of the 2014 mini-series. It is written by the Eisner Award-winning Bandette team of Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover and artwork is done by Wook Jin Clark, the author of Megagogo.


"Finn and Jake learn the truth behind why Monkey Wizard doesn't kidnap princesses anymore. With Marceline helping out, it should be easy for our heroes to finally get Painting Princess kidnapped, right?!"


Finn, Jake and Marceline are trekking through a desert and fighting rubble monsters in search of Princess Skyblade Harbinger. Marceline explains that Monkey Wizard used to be a top class princess kidnapper until Princess Skyblade Harbinger broke into his castle and stole his favorite pet, Mr. Biscuits. This left Monkey Wizard so depressed he lost his will for kidnapping, so the three hope to retrieve Mr. Biscuits to restore Monkey Wizard's confidence.

While in the desert they meet Apocalypse Racers, who challenge them to race to some cars (the cars themselves are broken and has been used as garbage cans). When her racers are beaten, Princess Skyblade Harbinger appears and prophesies that they will soon be a shower (as Finn and Jake mistakenly jumped in the garbage-filled cars) before disappearing into the sky, however she accidentally drops her wallet with her address in it. Before heading off, Marceline observes a cute bunny playing with a banana.

At a desert marketplace, they come across Tree Trunks and Jake visits a fortune teller, who turns out to be Princess Skyblade Harbinger who challenges them to a fight. When she loses the princess is intimidated into telling that Mr. Biscuits was is a bunny with a banana. They head back to where they saw the bunny and find that it Mr. Biscuits is, in fact, an angry giant bunny with a giant banana filled with smaller bunnies with bananas. As they try to figure out a way to defeat him when Tree Trunks switches minds with Mr. Biscuits. As Finn and Jake try to think of a way to fix the situation, Marceline (who has been smitten by Mr. Biscuits cuteness) declares she's keeping him and leaves. 

Unable to return Mr. Biscuits, Finn and Jake try to cheer Monkey Wizard up by giving him bunny stickers, but it fails.



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