The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time: The Flip Side Issue 2 is second issue of a mini-series, The Flip Side. It was done by the Eisner Award-winning Bandette team of Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover and artwork was done by Wook Jin Clark, the upcoming author of Megagogo.


"All Finn and Jake need to do is convince the Monkey Wizard to kidnap Painting Princess, shouldn't be too hard... right? With insight from the master of princess-napping it's up to the duo to get help from an unlikely source... the Ice King! This might end up being one of the hardest and craziest adventures these two friends have ever been on!"[1]


Finn, Jake, Ice King, and Gunter are sneaking into a the Well-Guarded Museum, and as they wait for the guards to pass by, they begin to remember the events that led them there. 

Finn and Jake attempt to convince the Monkey Wizard into kidnapping Painting Princess; however, he isn't interested in her as she isn't a banana. When Finn and Jake decide to try to force him to kidnap Painting Princess, Monkey Wizard has his Banana Guard throw them out. They decide they need an expert on kidnapping, and Ice King shows up and convinces them to let him help them. 

At a casino, Ice King starts brainstorming ideas to Finn, Jake, and Painting Princess and tells them of a well-guarded gemstone called the "Lecherous Heart" that fuels the power of desire. He tells them that if they can steal it from a museum, they can slip it into Monkey Wizard, and he'll fall in love with Painting Princess and try to kidnap her.

At the museum, they slip through security and get to the safe where the Lecherous Heart is kept. However, they discover that Ice King and Gunter have switched minds. Ice King explains that since they're on a reverse quest, "reverses" will happen. People will swap minds with their opposites, reality will start to change, right will become wrong, and the world will descend into chaos. The only way to prevent this and set everything back to normal is to complete the quest. Jake gets the Lecherous Heart from the safe and, living up to its name, it immediately begins to hit on all of them. 

Not knowing how to put the Heart in Monkey Wizard's chest, they decide to ask Ricardio. After subduing Gunter, they pull Ricardio out of Ice King's chest. However, the moment he sees the Lecherous Heart, they fall in love, begin making out, and run off with one another. As Gunter collapses from lacking a heart, the group tries to think of a new plan.



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