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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time: Season 11 Issue 5 is the fifth issue of the Adventure Time comic spin-off story of Adventure Time: Season 11, by BOOM! Studios.It is also the first part of the "Humantown" Story arc.

Official Synopsis

When Finn and Jake are finally ready to find a new home after their treehouse was destroyed during Golb's attack, an unlikely group makes shore on Ooo, leading Finn to confront the question of where he truly belongs.

Unofficial Synopsis

A new city called "Humantown" is established after thousands of Humans volunteer have returned the Land of Ooo. As a diplomatic affair, Finn, PB, Lemongrab, and Lolly are invited by its leader, Malloy, to visit the place; one of the Minerva-bots, helping her people to build up the place, also came and greets the guests. Humantown is protected by a megalectric force field, and it works as a self-sufficient society; in Malloy's plan, after the city is built completely, the technology will no longer be used and the humans will live like their ancestors. He also hopes that Humantown can remain isolated and independent, which is basically accepted by the Candy Kingdom and Earldom of Lemongrab, and Finn becomes an honorary citizen, allowed to visit the city anytime. Later night, Finn and Jake is seen camping in the ruins after the Tree Fort's destruction. Finn is unsettled by one of Jake's suggestion, moving into Humantown, while Jake can leave him and live with Lady Rainicorn or one of her children.

Finn returns Humantown and is warmly welcomed by Minerva. He tells her many events after he left the Founders' Island, including Fern, about his identity crisis and death, and Finn caring what he will be remembered by people and he wants to be just Finn, not just a hero. As they talk, a monster invades the city and Finn drives it away and gets one of its tentacles. The situation confuses Minerva and Malloy, because the force field should have kept such a danger outside. After he leaves, Finn tells Jake that he is pleased and familiar that he can fight a monster, just like he always did, but soon, they find out the monster is fake and it's a robot in disguise.




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