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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time: Season 11 Issue 3 is the third issue of the Adventure Time comic spin-off story of Adventure Time: Season 11, by BOOM! Studios.It is also the third Part of the "Empress Marceline" Story arc.

Official Synopsis[]

Finn and Jake learn that there is a reason that the three henchmen are so determined to find 'precious' objects for Marceline, and it's not anything good. Hunson Abadeer makes a show!

Unofficial Synopsis[]

Back to Princess Bubblegum's castle, the current Marceline is outraged by Hunson's interference.

In the future of 1,000 years later, Jake decides to stretch into the vent, after a fleeing BMO, and Finn goes back to find Marceline. At first he's stopped by the robots, and Marceline explains that they just can't learn manners. Finn shows her the spoon he found, but as she thinks about it, while the robots' eyes shine again, the memory (as seen in "Simon and Marcy") is again erased. Marceline is frustrated that this keeps happening, so she goes out with Finn.

In the Nightosphere, the current Marceline confronts her father about the disappearance of Finn and Jake. Hunson replies that it was not exactly him, but one of his future selves a thousand years later, who can conveniently communicate with other counterparts in the Nightosphere, and he can send her, with PB and Simon, to the future to deal with it.

To the other side of the vent, Jake reaches BMO, who explains that his memory often glitches over a millennium, which would make him desperately want to steal Marceline's collections. As he tries to answer Jake of PB's whereabouts, BMO glitches again. Finn explains to Empress Marceline that he's sent by Hunson to help her, while PB, current Marceline, and Simon join them through the portal. They try to help Empress Marceline to remember, but more memories (flashbacks from "Go With Me," "Varmints," and "What Was Missing") vanish. Just then, the robots break in, claiming that they detected "intruders" and starting to attack.



  • Hunson claims that immortal creatures can remember everything that has happened to themselves.
  • Finn says "Everything Stays" to the Empress Marceline, in response of her passive comment - "Nothing Stays", which is a reference of the episode "Everything Stays" and its featured song with the same name.


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