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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time: Season 11 Issue 2 is the secound issue of the Adventure Time comic spin-off story of Adventure Time: Season 11, by BOOM! Studios.It is also the secound Part of the "Empress Marceline" Story arc.

Official Synopsis[]

Finn, Jake and their new friend continue on their scavenger hunt around Ooo, marvelling at the changes around them in the wake of the War. The Emmy Award-winning series continues with a new season exclusively in comic book form!

Unofficial Synopsis[]

While a big party is held outside, Princess Bubblegum attempts to check on inactive BMO, with the current Marceline and Simon going back to the Tree Fort, to know Finn and Jake's whereabouts.

The portal brings Finn and Jake to the Nightosphere, where Hunson Abadeer is waiting. Hunson reveals that he made the portals because he's worried about his daughter, and he shows a scene about what she's faced with: Bartholomew, with other two robots, shows Marceline an ancient cup they got, along with other objects found nearby. As Marceline looks at it and tries to recall her specific memory - a party held with Finn, Jake, PB and others - she fails and the memory is purged. After the display, Hunson asks Finn to find more artifacts to help Marceline, which Finn and Jake agree. Meanwhile, the robots carry the artifacts to the Vault of Memory in the castle, guarded by Captain Longfellow. Bartholomew asks Captain Longfellow to double the guard shifts, because the artifacts keep missing.

As she and Simon arrive the Tree House ruins, the current Marceline senses the portal was made by magic from her father. Back to the future, Finn is hired by the farmer who found the ancient cup, and he found a pocketknife - the one that was used by Simon in the past (from the episode "Simon and Marcy"). Jake, on the other hand, finds Smash Berries in a tavern and gets a piece of paper with an ax drawn on it. Finn and Jake then visit the castle and Captain Longfellow asks them to put the objects into the vault. As they notice many artifacts in the vault are missing, they find malfunctioning BMO, who is rushing swiftly, trying to run away.



  • Jake notes that he "always wanted to hypnotize someone and get 'em remember their past lives." This happened before, in "The Vault", when Finn was hypnotized by BMO and recalled about being the reincarnation of Shoko.


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