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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time: Season 11 Issue 11 would have been the eleventh issue of the Adventure Time comic spin-off story of Adventure Time: Season 11, by BOOM! Studios. It would have also been the third part of the 4 part "Season Finally" story arc.

Unofficial Synopsis[]

This issue would have been the third Issue of the season finally. The season finale would have made a return of Dr. Gross, who plotted a genetic plague, and Samantha.[1]



Cover variations[]

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  1. Anderson: "The finale story would have revealed that Dr. Gross had been offered amnesty and was secretly working in Humantown, plotting a takeover of all of Ooo. Dr. Gross would’ve created a plague to affect the candy people and something called “GO Juice” [Genetic Optimizer Juice], which was just Finn’s DNA injected into the humans to make them into adventurers too. But, crucially, it wouldn’t have made them teammates—they would’ve just been a bunch of lone wolves. So when Jake and Lady and PB and Marceline and all the rest work together, they defeat the humans easily. Rather than fight Dr. Gross, [Finn] escapes and helps his friends, who are fighting everyone else. There’s a little bit of that story still in issue 5: Finn gets a scratch fighting the robot and Minerva patches it up, and that’s how they would’ve gotten his DNA. I was going to bring back Samantha the dog as a side villain. She would’ve taken over the Candy Kingdom with a dog army, in order to plunder their technology and lead a dog revolution in the Crystal Dimension, but really she was just being used by Dr. Gross. Also Jake would’ve had a family reunion, because I really wanted to write all his kids. Originally it was going to be him and Lady finally getting married. [Cartoon Network] specifically said that Jake and Lady couldn’t get married, because they were, and I quote, a “modern couple”. I still have no idea exactly what that means, haha. I had some thoughts about how I wanted to handle the humans. I didn’t want them to immediately integrate into Ooo, but I didn’t want them to be completely standoffish and weird, either. Issue 12 would’ve ended with them more or less being led by Minerva, and slowly putting themselves out there."