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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time: Marceline and The Scream Queens Issue 6 is a part of the Adventure Time comic miniseries. It will be published by BOOM! Studios. It will be drawn and written by Meredith Gran.


THE FINAL TOTALLY AWESOME ISSUE OF THIS ADVENTURE TIME MINI-SERIES! Can the Scream Queens rock their crazy-huge biggest gig ever…and will Princess Bubblegum finally discover the true meaning of ROCK? Final issue of this incredibly popular series!


Marceline is moping around, preparing the band's farewell concert. However once she gets in front of the crowd, her anxiety comes and once someone in the crowd shows off their "Marceline socks", sounding like, "Marceline sucks" she snaps and turns into a monster and blames everyone around her for her troubles. Princess Bubblegum, on her way back home, realizes that Marceline's overwhelming anxiety is throwing her into a chaotic state and rushes back to the concert.

The Scream Queens are trying to calm Marceline down to no avail when Princess Bubblegum returns and explain that she won't listen to kindness and the only way to get to her is with cruelty. Bubblegum then proceeds to throw multiple insults at Marceline about her musical skill.Marceline, however, does not believe what Bubblegum is saying and the passive aggressive treatment towards her causes Marceline to return to normal.

After Marceline returns to normal, the crowd cheers for her. It is then revealed that it was Lumpy Space Princess writing the negative reviews of the Scream Queens because she believed the way to tell people that you like something is telling them you hate it. Marceline doesn't condemn her however, saying that she and her ego needs to be criticized sometimes, as long as it just nags her instead of control her.

Back at the Candy Kingdom, Bubblegum returns and throws Finn and Jake in the dungeon for a month for nearly destroying the Candy Kingdom in her absence and reaffirms her place as ruler. Later, she says farewell to the Scream Queens, who are off to spend some time in a secluded cabin in the Dust Kingdom to find inspiration.

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Coffin Break[]

(by Rich Tommaso)The Scream Queens are practicing being in coffins in preparation of a stage act for a Battle of the Bands with rival band Van Halensing. Stag Lee Roth, a member of Van Halensing is planning to sabotage them. As the Scream Queens head out to get some lunch, Stag Lee goes to talk with Marceline and tricks her into a stage coffin and nails her in and runs off with her with the intention of dumping her to the bottom of Tangerine Lake. As BMO informs the rest of Scream Queens, who chase after her,  Marceline looks out of the hole for her guitar plug on the coffin and notices some red Twizzlers String. She shoots out her tougue and sucks out the red, giving her enough energy to transform into a monster, break out of the coffin, and chase Stag Lee out into the distance with her band mates watching.


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