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Adventure Time: Marceline and The Scream Queens Issue 5 is a part of the Adventure Time comic miniseries. It was published by BOOM! Studios on November 14, 2012. It was drawn and written by Meredith Gran.


"DON’T MISS THIS HIT ADVENTURE TIME MINI-SERIES! The Scream Queens are about to hit the biggest gig of their lives…and Marceline can’t take the heat! Can PB help the band find their center?"


The issue opens with Princess Bubblegum, Tree Trunks, Marceline and the rest of the band arriving in the Nightosphere, upon which they are immediately requested to go to Hunson Abadeer's house for pie and not being eaten themselves. There, Hunson talks about the show with Marceline. However, he soon embarrasses his daughter, causing Marceline to quickly leave and forcibly take the rest of the band with her.

Once they leave Hunson's house, the band heads to the site of their performance while Marceline laments not being able to relax. Upon arriving, Marceline is greeted by an old friend by the name of Tuff. Tuff, who had been setting up the stage, leads them to it and reveals that the audience was hoping for an acoustic set. Then the band performs and Marceline seems quite pleased.

Shortly after the performance, Marceline meets with her dad and some other members of the audience. Hunson and the rest of the audience say that the band was great and that the gossip magazines that gave Marceline's band bad reviews are crazy. Marceline is shocked that they receive those magazines in the Nightosphere and an audience member reveals that the Nightosphere only gets gossip magazines.

The audience then starts laughing, thinking that fact to be funny, but Marceline goes into a state of panic and runs away. After running for a period of time in her altered mind state, Princess Bubblegum grabs Marceline as she is about to fall into a pool of lava. Princess Bubblegum expresses her concerns over Marceline's behavior, Marceline snaps at Princess Bubblegum. Against all of Princess Bubblegum's arguments, Marceline stats that everyone hates her and that the band was a failure. At this point, Princess Bubblegum gives up and decides to go back to the Candy Kingdom.

Soon after, Princess Bubblegum is seen packing her belongings as Guy tries to convince her to stay. In an effort to do so, Guy reveals that he is creature with abilities similar to that of a changeling. They exchange a few more words, but Guy is unable to convince her to stay.

As Princess Bubblegum says her goodbyes to the rest of the band, Marceline and Tuff are seen lying on a cloud above them. Marceline expresses her frustration at the amount of attention that her tour has given her. Wishing that all her performances were as small intimate and the one they just played, Marceline begins to think that she may want to stay in the Nightosphere. Marceline asks Tuff what he thinks of the idea. As he responds that she will have to figure that out for herself, Princess Bubblegum and Tree Trunks enter a portal to leave the Nightosphere.


Backup Story

Communication Issues

(by Polly Guo) Lady and Jake are having a small argument while shoe shopping. By accident, they wake a tiny Shoe Wizard who had been sleeping in one of the shoes. Irritated, the Shoe Wizard casts a spell on Lady and disappears with the shoe he was sleeping in, replacing it with a keyboard. Jake checks on Lady, only to discover that she can no longer speak. Instead, whenever she tries to talk the keyboard plays a note(s). Jake vows the he will do nothing else until he restores Lady's voice. This is proven to be otherwise as Jake and Lady go eating ice cream. Once more they get into a brief, although seemingly one sided, argument because Jake cannot understand her.

Lady leaves in frustration and Jake goes to talk to Finn about the problem. However, Finn runs off in the middle of their conversation. Jake then goes to Lumpy Space Princess and complains about his problem. LSP responds by telling Jake a seemingly non-related story about herself and then says he needs to go to Lady before she leaves. Jake is next seen playing BMO and telling it about his circumstance. BMO suggests he break up with Lady, which only irritates Jake. In response to Jake's irritation, BMO goes into sleep mode. Later that night, Jake gets an idea.

The next day, Lady is playing the keyboard on top of her house. Suddenly, Jake arrives with a keytar and they begin to play together, thereby reestablishing their relationship. Then Finn arrives carrying the no longer small Shoe Wizard and reveals that Lady can speak once more.



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