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Adventure Time: Islands is a stand-alone graphic novel in the Adventure Time series, serving as a bridge between the "Stakes" mini-series and the "Islands" mini-series. It is written by series writer and voice actress Ashly Burch and illustrated by Diigii Daguna.

It includes a backup story titled Fish Days, written and illustrated by Marina Julia.


An ADVENTURE TIME prequel graphic novel!

In the wake of the Great Mushroom War and the vampire infestation, the remaining humans of Ooo have set sail for safer shores. Bunny Girl (aka Jo), Marceline's precocious young friend, is fearful of what dangers await them. Luckily, they soon reach a plentiful island populated by another gregarious group of humans and together they attempt to build a new colony. Disaster strikes, however, and separated from her tribe, Jo must brave the dangers of the wild to get back home, and maybe gain a sense of self-reliance along the way.

Written by Adventure Time show writer Ashly Burch and illustrated by Diigii Daguna, this stand-alone graphic novel is a prequel to the Cartoon Network season eight mini-series, Adventure Time Islands, which sees Finn, Jake, BMO and Susan Strong discover a tribe of humans living on a cluster of islands off the Land of Ooo.


It is nighttime aboard the humans' ship during their voyage to the islands. Jo is awoken by a nightmare about a giant snake, so goes to see Two Bread Tom. The next morning, on the thirty-third day of the voyage, the ship is suddenly attacked by vicious sea monsters and Jo is knocked overboard. Thankfully, the humans are able to fight off the monsters and Jo is hauled back on board before she is hurt.

After this ordeal, Horn begins to argue that Two Bread Tom should be training the tribe to fight, since they cannot currently manage on their own without Marceline's protection. He also worries that the entire world is just full of monsters, claiming that there wasn't much point in leaving Ooo in the first place.

However, the next morning the ship sights an island and lands on its shore. To their surprise, they discover another tribe of human survivors already living there. They two tribes unite and begin constructing a colony.

Some time later, a sizable town has been established. Jo is mocked by the other kids for continuing to wear her bunny hat even though the vampires that it was designed to protect against are no longer a threat. Two Bread Tom scares off the bullies and invites Jo on an expedition with him and Michiko to explore more of the island.

While Jo is climbing a tree, she gets abducted by a giant bird and carried far away to the other side of the island. With help from an imaginary Marceline she is eventually able to make her own way home through the wilderness, including scaring off the giant snake which haunted her nightmares to begin with. She returns to the tribe as a strong and independent new person.

However, Jo finds that everyone else has changed in the opposite way. After they thought she died, everyone became far more overprotective. They are all wearing their hats again, and Two Bread Tom has begun organizing the construction of an early version of the Guardian. Disagreeing with his plan to seal off the islands, Jo and a group of other humans split from the main group and leave to find their own way on the island.

Fish Days

Finn and Jake get tips from BMO on looking after their new pet fish.


Fish Days


  • The graphic novel serves as a prequel to the "Islands" mini-series and links it together with Marceline's flashbacks from the "Stakes" mini-series.
  • It explains the origin of the hiders and the Guardian.
  • It is revealed that Bunny Girl's real name is Jo.
  • It contains the first chronological appearance of the word "Ooo."
  • While all other Adventure Time graphic novels have a volume number, this one does not. It is still often erroneously displayed with a volume number in many places.
  • Since Islands is written by Ashly Burch, who has written for the show, it is often considered canon.
  • The front cover was drawn by Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline, the original artists on the main comic series.


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